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on 5 Things That Will Awaken Your Senses on Safari at Londolozi

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This is such a lovely blog Amanda. You really transported me right back to the bush. Experiencing the sights, sounds, smells. Totally agree with you, can’t go on a morning game drive without Amarula in your coffee. A wonderful African tradition.

The Amarula trick really is the best-kept secret of safari! Thanks for your comment, as always, Marinda!

What lovely thoughts, Amanda. I’ve tried to go on a camera-free drive and never succeeded! Best to leave them behind to avoid temptation , I guess. And, of course, Amarula with morning coffee – one of the joys of safari!

Thanks, Mary Beth! Hope to see you and Bob again soon 🙂

Hi Amanda
As I read your article I was taken back to my bush holidays on my aunt’s farm which I started going to from the age of 4. In a couple of weeks I shall be turning 80. Many years of bush holidays! My husband and I have only just retired last year from working. For my 80th Birthday on 3rd April guess where we will be going? Correct. Another bush holiday – a luxury one this time – our first luxury one. I have learnt the name from you of Petrichlor – the bush after the rain. There is NO other smell like it ANYWHERE! It lifts one up and makes one feel alive again! I have often smelt animals before seeing them. The blend of the animal smell and the bush after rain – there is no blend like it! It is absolutely GREAT. Thanks so much for your lovely, descriptive article! Takes me back in time and bush experiences. Bless you. Wendy

Important “P.S.” to my response earlier – our Amarula bottle is safely residing in our lounge wall unit cupboard! Delicious …. Wendy (and Neil)

Senior Digital Ranger

Amanda, I so agree with your suggestions and wish I had experienced a silent game drive and one without camera. It would have been incredible experiences. On my first trip to Africa I did taste the delightful Amarula around a campfire in Botswana. It did become my “must take home” from safari. I was so excited when it was imported and I could get in Pensacola, Florida. While still delicious, and a reminder of Africa, it never tastes the same as it did around that campfire so many years ago.

Always love the Ranger’s Special coffee stops . . . and everything else you describe. Open all your senses to all the bush has to offer and it will always be a memorable game drive.

What a wonderful blog Amanda. Your descriptions took me right back to my safaris experienced just a year ago in three countries. I loved early morning starts before the sun rose, when other guests were still sleeping – the smells and sounds were amazing. Not a word was spoken, nor did a camera shutter click. It was an hour of bliss. Your prose is lovely and not too wordy. I look forward to meeting you next year as I’m planning another trip to RSA, Sabi Sand area. Keep up your writing!!

Amanda, thank you for the special blog! It is the little things that you experience in the bush that are our favorite to keep in our minds. We love the idea of enjoying the sounds and bouquet of a true Safari experience. Thank you for all that you have done to elevate our experiences at Londolozi!

I really like the idea of the silent safari, and it’s been too long since I last smelt the aroma of wild basil in the bush! And I love taking time to watch the little things in nature! Incredible photos too!!

Thank you for a lovely blog. I always go on gamedrive to make images, but that never stopped me from enjoying the wild and seeing it through my eyes and not through a lens. It’s about the perfect balance for me. I always took in the smells and sounds and there is nothing better in life than going on gamedrive. I really come to life in the bush.

This blog is beautifully written and has taken me back to my most happy place – the bush! Your pearls of wisdom further enhance this extraordinary experience. I look forward to visiting Londolozi in the near future. I am wistfully yearning for some Amarula for my morning coffee…

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