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Duncan is the general manager of Londolozi Game Reserve. His first exposure to the reserve came when he met Bronwyn and Boyd Varty at kindergarten, aged 5, and was invited to visit by their parents Dave and Shan. He eventually returned in a ...

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on 5 Things You Need to Know Before Coming on Safari

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It is lovely reading your first blog Duncan. Wonderful tips. Definitely agree with the second one. Do not have any expectations. Every time you go on a game drive a new adventure awaits. There is always a surprise around the corner. Big or small. The best is to just enjoy the overall bush experience. Looking forward to many more blogs.

Great tips, Duncs. I love the first one in particular.

Excellent! My first trip, I said just show me your world and it was the Best trip of my life! I only wish everyone could experience the African Bush, it transformed my life like no other place on earth. I appreciate the Sea of Cortez so much more now and our beautiful Sonoran Desert. Africa has a way of awakening our Spirit like no other place on this planet.

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is “Isn’t it scary? Aren’t you afraid?” I find myself reassuring people that Londolozi staff will keep you safe, that lions won’t jump on the vehicle and that you should leave your fears at home!

Yes, good tips, but charger? Singular? Don’t you mean chargers? (Three cameras, iPhone, kindle, laptop, etc.)?

Sage advice, Duncan and look forward to next month’s post!

I can safely say that having no expectations can make all the difference!!

Tell them your likes and dislikes. 2015 I jokingly asked for marshmallows for my hot chicolate on the first morning game drive. The next morning Ranger Callum had a bag of marshmallows that he then brought every morning. On to 2017…first morning drive, Ranger Rob had a bag of marshmallows In the kit. They pay attention and they care! Thanks for this attention to small details.

Back to basics is always a good thing . . . great post . . . keep ’em coming.

Master Tracker

It’s also what you don’t need to bring, like a Pith Helmet…
And spare batteries and two torches are the first things that go in my bag.

Master Tracker

Also a lion outside your tent is not an emergency, a lion inside your tent is an emergency.

Fabulous tips, Duncan! I especially agree with the second one – it’s definitely easier said than done to go on safari without too many expectations. I find that some of the most incredible sights that I have seen on safari around the world have not necessarily been of the ‘Big Five,’ but the beautiful intricacies of nature.

Believe it or not, I actually recently wrote a blog post about this ( paigingdoctor.com/top-10-travel-tips-for-an-african-safari/ ), and tips no. 8 & 9 from my post about tips on safari highlight this idea in more detail. Please check it out if you get the chance!

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