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Rob joined the Londolozi team at the start of 2017. Having grown up on a farm in the Cape and spending many holidays traveling Southern Africa he developed a love for the outdoors and an appreciation for the natural world. After completing a ...

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on Londolozi Nightlife: Part 2

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Senior Digital Ranger

I’m still waiting to see an aardvark after 24 safari!
But it is a reason to go back and hope..

These night life blogs are so interesting. We have seen many honeybadgers and had many encounters with them coming into our caravan tent. Stealing campers food. We have never seen a pangolin, aardvark or porcupine. Definitely on our bucket list. Just came back from the bush and it being very dry we hoped for a pangolin as you can see the smaller animals better. It was not meant to be. Maybe next time.

Senior Digital Ranger

Thanks for including these very seldom seen animals with interesting facts about them. It is truly horrific that especially the pangolin is so threatened by the black wildlife market. Wishing humans would one day evolve into creatures that can love and respect all of wildlife without wishing to own or abuse. Such marvelous animals of Africa. Good to know they are there, even if they don’t like to show themselves.

Good point Lucie! And the pangolin are definitely around as you may have seen in Alex’s blog that came out yesterday (14 Feb). What an amazing encounter he had.

What a wonderful way to learn new information about the smaller and sometimes unusual wildlife at Londolozi. Very interesting info and wonderfully written …great job Rob! I honestly learned a lot.

Senior Digital Ranger

Great article, Rob! I enjoyed learning about these unique and obscure creatures. The video and photos were excellent, also. Thank you!

We once saw a honey badger when we were coming back from a night drive and he wouldn’t get out of the way of our landy . We nudged it forward to try and scare him into moving out of the road and he turned and tried to attack the vehicle. Very tough little guys . We had to back down to him ?

That’s amazing! Thanks for sharing. When I have encountered them they seemed very sure of themselves and didn’t pay too much attention to us.

Out of those four, the honey badger is the only one I have ever seen (twice)! Are there really no pictures of aardvarks in the Londolozi archives?! I guess they are ‘easier’ to spot in the Kalahari!

None that I could find of an alive aardvark! The only picture was of one hoisted into a tree by a leopard. I have heard that they are more often seen in the Kalahari, especially in winter.

I feel extremely lucky to have briefly seen an Aardvark on our 1st trip to the Sabi Sands. Our guide had been guiding 15yrs and the sighting was only his 3rd sighting of an aardvark.

Tanks for Part 2 Rob! We are desperate to see a Pangolin someday on our Londolozi visits. So far, no luck! We were riding with James a few years ago and got to see the Aardvark in the tree… Not the same as seeing one alive for sure. 😉

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