on Hippos Die From Lightning Strike: Lions and Crocodiles Benefit

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YOWZA! What a story!

Shaun the blog reads like a soap opera. Incredible sighting. Amazing that the younger bull “attacked” the dead hippo. Probably thought it is the only chance he will get to be the victor. Lightning is so dangerous.

For some, the story and video may be too gruesome . . . but for me it was one of the best ‘circle of life’ stories I have ever heard/seen.

Thanks Shaun. I only saw this in the daytime when activity was rather subdued.

Great telling of the account, but it left me terribly curious as to the signs of severe organ damage in hippos. 🙂

Mind blowing account in its entirety, from macabre photos of the downed hippos, to the behaviour of the young bull, and the video of the feed. Thanks Shaun, James, Paul and John.

Thanks for writing about this Shaun. It was an incredible and rather awful sight, really bringing home the brutal realities of the wild. On another note, I’m so pleased that the dowger lioness managed to have a meal that she didn’t have to bring down herself, and hope that it provided some sustenance and comfort for her in her last days.

Yikes! What an amazing story! After a few days the smell must have been absolutely putrid. Poor hippos; Nature continues to surprise…

Senior Digital Ranger

Wow what an awesome sighting, sorry about the death of the hippos, but nature at its best & what a thrill for the Rangers & guests of Londo & us viewers at home! Thanks for sharing Shaun. The video is amazing! 🙂

A very unusual yet fascniating sighting!! Very rarely do lions and crocodiles tolerate each other!! Also happy to see the Tailed lioness still with the pride and feeding.

By the way, what is the status on the Birmingham Males? I’m becoming interested in their new role in the Londolozi lion dynamics

Callum they’re still in and out, and spending a lot of time in the south east…

Oh ok, I’m half expecting them to challenge the Majingilane soon! For the moment, they don’t seem to be doing much to stake a claim

An interesting blog Shaun. I am sure that the stench was unbearable – glad I wasn’t there. Some good pics and I was amazed to see the lioness going into the water when there were crocs around. Sad to lose two hippos, but, it is the circle of life and they provided sustenance for many animals and birds. Thanks very much for sharing.

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