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“When a winemaker gets the wine right, it is pure joy, like sipping a wonderfully painted artwork from the Louvre.” These are the words of Kim Drake, Londolozi’s Procurement Manager turned part-time Sommelier. Kim’s love of wine first started developing in 2010, shortly ...

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on The Harvest: Wine Predictions for 2018

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Great article Kim. I am no expert, but I think the prices will be higher. It will be interesting to taste the wines and compare it to wine from a few years back when we had good rain.

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Thanks Marinda, it always is interesting to compare vintages, and to see how vintages age. There are so many factors, but again the smaller berry size this year means more tannin structure from the skin, so wine makers are going to have to be careful to not over extract – but this could indicate a great vintage which could have great ageing potential, time will tell.

Very interesting article on wine production, Kim. Loved the photos too. My guess is that with a smaller crop and smaller fruit, prices will rise. South Africa has some excellent wines. We look forward to what shows up here in the States. Thanks for the excellent article!

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Thanks Darlene, the latest figures from VinPro show that wine exported to the USA continue to increase, unfortunately most of it is bulk wine, but hopefully you’ll see more of the good stuff popping up on your shelves.

Having traveled throughout the South African wine districts, I found your article quite informative. From my experience working in the Napa Valley wine industry I would imagine prices will rise a bit as a result of the smaller yield and size of the grapes. However the quality of the wine should be stellar. Drought years test the skills of the winemakers and their teams. Normally red wines fare better than the white varietals, but there are always exceptions. You have many wonderful wineries there outside of Capetown- I wish more of those wines were available here in California, like Villeira. Happy tasting!!

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Thanks Denise, it sure is a very exciting time, unfortunately there will be the long wait before we get to taste what this vintage produces, but a lovely journey to always follow

Kim, Thanks for the update! What fun to see Pieter Ferreira with a grape leaf crown and his saber! We got to visit the Graham Beck wine farm in July and were so impressed with the entire operation and of course the “bubbles!” Great to hear that we are looking at another great vintage from South Africa!

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Hi Michael & Terri, Pieter always brings a great of element of fun into wine, whether it’s relating to harvest or an evening tasting wine. I’m sure you would have seen parts of their improvements in July but I believe they have a new pressing area and have added 4 new PERA wine systems as well as a conveyor system for the grapes to travel to the presses with (their own design). So we’ll definitely have to make a trip to Robertson some time to see all of this – very exciting for them.

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