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Tamboti 4:3 Female

Tamboti 4:3 Female

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Torchwood 3:3 Male

Torchwood 3:3 Male

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Piccadilly 3:3 female

Piccadilly 3:3 female

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Ingrid Dam 4:4 Female

Ingrid Dam 4:4 Female

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Bruce Arnott

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Bruce worked at Londolozi from 2017 to 2020. He always had a passion for the bush and the outdoors, having been camping and fishing since he was a young boy. He attended school in the Natal midlands after which he moved down to ...

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on The Week in Pictures #318

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Stunning capture of the martial eagle Bruce. Love the giant land snail and wild dogs. Great to hear the white storks are back. Going in to the bush in two weeks. Can’t wait to see them.

Thank you very much Marinda! Glad that you appreciate the land snail! Enjoy being in the bush in the next two weeks.

Wonderful photos and such interesting details! I learned something new- that the juvenile red-billed oxpecker does not have the yellow eye-ring yet. Love the details. Thanks, Bruce!

Hi Darlene. Thank you for your comment. The details are important, noticing them allows us to learn more. I’m happy that you have learnt something new!

Fantastic images ….very enjoyable viewing and reading I especially love the Kudu image superb.

Hi Andrea, thank you very much for your feedback – it is always interesting to see which images people are drawn to!

Senior Digital Ranger

Thanks, Bruce. Some really wonderful photos this week.

Thank you very much for the comment Dave!

I love the image of the duiker lamb. It reminds me of the time I saw a lamb of a Thomson’s gazelle also stil wet and lying flat. I could take some real nice pictures without disturbing it. I saw the same lamb the next day walking with its mother. I wil never forget that.

Thank you for the story Betty-Lou, that must have been a special sight!

Fantastic pictures Bruce! Absolutely love the torchwood male and martial eagle shots. Cannot wait to be back!!

Dan it is good to hear from you once again! Thank you very much for the feedback! Excited to have you back over on this side of the world!

Gorgeous shots Bruce – I particularly love the martial eagle. Incredible. Please can I ask which lens you used? Thanks!

Thank you Nicki, the martial eagle shot seems to be the winner this week! I used a fixed 400mm F5.6.

Great thanks Bruce – it’s on my bucket list to replicate!

Another incredible WIP!!! Particularly loved that portrait of the cheetah and how that elephant stands out among the legs of his elders! Also fantastic luck to have found that baby duiker!

Thank you very much for the awesome feedback Callum!

Wonderful blog describing the week’s sightings followed by magnificent wildlife portraits, Bruce! Does Torchwood’s territory now include some of Londolozi ‘s property?

Hi Mary, thank you for the wonderful feedback on the stories and photographs! The Torchwood male is being seen more regularly on Londolozi; he could be expanding his territory further into the south western parts of Londolozi. Let us hope continues moving further into Londolozi!

Wonderful photos this week. Highlights for me were the two portraits of the Zebra and Kudu moms and youngsters. The little Duiker was awfully sweet. I noticed on the Kudu image the shutter speed was really high – your reason for this? I’m always looking for ways to learn.

Looks like it was a great viewing week – good for you and guests. Cheers to a wonderful weekend.

Hi Denise, thank you very much for your comments! I’m glad you like those two shots. I ramped up my shutter speed because they were moving quickly up the termite mound and I wanted to be ready with a fast shutter speed to capture them at the top of the mound before they ran down.

Master Tracker

Wonderful shot of the martial eagle, wonderful on anybody’s wall

Thank you very much Ian, I may just get it printed for my wall!

Awesome pictures, Bruce! What a great sighting of the baby duiker!

Ilene, it is such a pleasure to hear from you again, I hope you are well! Thank you very much for the feedback!

Bruce, We are blown away by this WIP, especially the Martial Eagle. We love to see them fly too! Thanks for the update!

Michael and Terri thank you for the wonderful feedback; ‘blown away’ is no small compliment!

Senior Digital Ranger

It is so good to open TWIP which inevitably causes a smile, gasp (of envy!) and appreciation of superb photos, diary of weekly experiences, sightings and always a thought provoking blog. Thank you.

Thank you Jennifer for the wonderful comment, it is highly appreciated!

Lovely images especially the leopard and the Somali ostrich

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