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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on The 7 Best Aromas of The African Bush

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Lovely blog James. Just love it when we drive through the bush early in the morning and you can “smell the bush.” Nothing like smelling the rain. The beautiful gardenia flowers. Got two trees in my garden. Not flowering yet but hopefully soon. Folowing the Tambotie female all we could smell was the wild basil as the vechiles crushed the plants releasing the scent. We were fortunate to smell a leopard scent mark. Another plant that is so typical of the African bush that I have encountered a bit further north is the Pechuel-loescha or wild sage. It has got an amazing scent.

Hi Marinda,
Yip, the wild sage is also a good one. To be honest there were plenty more we could have included. Maybe we’ll put out another list sometime soon…

Wow! Your blog really refreshed my “scents “ memories from my stays in Africa. You’ve highlighted some of my favorites and one not so much (fresh elephant dung). I also find the wild sage to be intoxicating whilst out driving around, especially during a sundowner stop. I’ve always traveled to Southern Africa during your summer and so the smell of the trees, earth and animals warmed by the 35c heat has always stayed with me. I live in Northern California where the summer can be 100F plus, and the scent is not the same whilst I’m out hiking and photographing. I’ve learned smells are an inherent part of a place’s identity, like Indian markets where the spices can be overwhelming or Vietnam where the smell of fish sauce permeates the air during fermentation season.

Each of our senses is important and plays a role in our life experiences, but the sense of smell transports me more quickly than any other. Thank you for this Sunday wake up story and the memories it evokes for me.

Thanks for the comments Denise! I agree, the smell of a place is often inherent in its identity!

Master Tracker

The wonderful smell of an uncorked bottle of Luddite Shiraz

Agreed! Had one the other day…

Digital Ranger

The only aroma I have yet to smell is the leopard. Someday when I come back to Londolozi it will be one of the first things I seek out to do.
Thanks James for the great blog

You’re welcome Gemma.
The leopard one is one you won’t forget! 🙂

I must say the earthy smell of elephants and buttered popcorn smell was my favorite aromas.

Love the smell of rain… and how about the potato bush?

Coming in part 2… 😉

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