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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on The Week in Pictures #315

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Stunning pics James. Love the elephants. Great pic of the giraffe. Did the Mhangene female find the pride? Is the Inyathini male the father of the Tamboti female’s cub?

Hi Marinda! And happy birthday for yesterday. Hope you had a nice lunch with Kim!
Pretty sure the lioness found the pride, and although we can never really be sure which male leopards fathered which cubs, as they females mate with multiple males, for all intents and purposes we are referring to the Inyathini male as the father of the Tamboti female’s cub.

Thank you James. We had a lovely time yesterday. It was such a surprise to see Kim. Nothing as nice as celebrating your birthday in the bush.

Beautiful photos! And I am with you on the change of seasons! I love watching nature changing from one season to the other. Right now we are feeling cold in East Tennessee just as it should be. Love how invigorating that feels!

Senior Digital Ranger

James, all of your presentations are so informative as well as beautifully illustrated by your photography. It’s hard to pick a favorite among so many amazing but today it is the older tailed Tsalasa lioness. I do hope to learn that the young Mhangeni lioness found her pride and all is well. Wishing all of you at Londolozi a very Happy New Year

Thanks Lucie,
I think she did meet up with them in the end.

Another wonderful week in pictures. I do have a question- your last photo of the Mhagene lioness was shot at a low iso and a high shutter speed, with also a rather narrow fstop. Was your light still bright enough that the lower iso was necessary? We’re you shooting in total manual mode, or autofocus in manual. Just curious……

Hi Denise, good observation.
The sun wasn’t quite low enough in the sky yet for a decent silhouette shot with classic reds and yellows, and as the light was still quite bright, a technique to make sure your shutter speed is still within a functional range (my camera won’t take the photo if the shutter speed is over 1/8000s is required) is to lower your aperture to let in less light (i.e. the f-number increases) and lower your ISO. In retrospect I might have been a bit excessive here, as the shutter speed ended up at 1600s, meaning I had plenty of room to spare, but as the lioness paused in that spot I knew we had to act quickly, so just spun the dial without checking to see where it stopped, to quickly get a setting I knew would work.
I was shooting in Aperture priority using autofocus.

Aha, as I suspected. It was a beautiful shot and I hear you when you’ve only seconds to make a decision about settings. I predominately shoot in manual but when the light becomes tricky, I will switch to Aperture priority. While in manual, I do use back button focus (camera in auto focus setting) as for many wildlife shots, total manual isn’t practical. I really appreciate your sharing setting information- for us who don’t have the opportunity to spend a lot of time in the bush practicing photo techniques, it is a good barometer. Thank you for answering my question.

Senior Digital Ranger

I hope the Mhengeni Lioness finds her pride. Also thank you news on the Tsalala’s. Are the two groups still together?
Hope they can manage to keep the youngsters safe. Always a pleasure to read your blogs.

Hi Mj, Thanks for the comments!

Hope you have a happy New Years!

Absolutely beautiful pictures. James you would not like it here in Corpus Christi,, Texas, USA, although we actually have had colder weather and SNOW one day.We do not have seasonal change over a period of time, it is 80 one day and freezing the next day. Did the young lioness find her pride? I get close to these animals that you introduce to us and thus I worry about them.

Hi Judy,
Thanks for your concern. Yes, she found the pride and is alive and well!

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