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on How Does Meat Taste to Carnivores?

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Interesting facts James. It is amazing how the animals (including us humans) all evolved differently.

I am very grateful to be a human! ? Very interesting article though, James! That explains a lot. Merry Christmas to you and the Londolozi group. Looking forward to more fine articles in the future.

Thanks Darlene, Merry Christmas to you too!

As always James, fascinating reading on the tastes of carnivores and herbivores. I have wondered about the safety of carrion after a couple of days as the smell alone is quite off-putting. I know that the felines tackle the innards first and then the meat, but who eats the skin? Hyenas, vultures, ?? It is interesting to note that there is something for everyone within the food chain as long as one has access. It’s easy for humans in the developed western countries as one can just go to a supermarket. In third world countries, I have seen the dependence on growing your own food or depending upon hunting – bartering works quite well here as well. I also believe that habitat plays a large part in the search and acceptance of food. For humans, how we are raised plays a great part in what we eat throughout life. Our digestive systems adapt to a certain level of sustenance and oftentimes, when traveling and that balance is altered, one can experience intestinal distress. In the animal world, it seems they are attuned to what works for them and if it’s not right, they walk away.

Thank you.

Thanks for the comments Denise. Exactly right. The animals still retain their finely tuned senses that tell them exactly what they should and shouldn’t be eating!
As for the skin of carcasses, yes it is mainly the hyenas and vultures that will consume it.
Best regards

Very interesting article! I’ve heard of lions in the Kruger eating a waterbuck carcass that was over a week old and elephant carcasses that were likely older (I guess in some instances they can’t afford to be picky). Though in the Mara they don’t like the taste of Defassa waterbuck there, due to the unpleasant taste of the meat (I’m guessing that’s the bitterness receptors at play).

Senior Digital Ranger

As I am preparing a few dishes for Christmas dinner, I am certainly thankful to have the ability to choose what I put in the dishes. Merry Christmas, James. Hope all of your food is tasty.

Thanks for the comments Lucie,
I wholeheartedly agree!
Best regards and Happy Christmas.

One of the most fascinating blog posts that I have read. And as to your ‘…catfish are some of the least tastiest of their family…’ if Anna is reading my response, I hope she will create a TASTY catfish lunch or dinner for us when we are there in mid-February.

Thanks for the comments Jeff. Hmm I think you will have to put in a VERY special request to get catfish put on the menu! Haha

This is so interesting to know that we have a different amount of taste buds in comparison with animals. My word!

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