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Bruce worked at Londolozi from 2017 to 2020. He always had a passion for the bush and the outdoors, having been camping and fishing since he was a young boy. He attended school in the Natal midlands after which he moved down to ...

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on Python Devours Impala Lamb

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Marinda Drake
Master Tracker

Wow! This is a once in a lifetime sighting. You never know what you see out there in the bush.

Darlene Knott
Master Tracker

That has to be one of the most incredible sightings ever! I just cannot imagine! I have not seen many snakes on my many safaris. I certainly have never seen anything like this. I would say I don’t want to, but then again, it is nature at work, and has to be jaw dropping (so to speak) to watch. Thanks so much for sharing this, Bruce. It is etched forever in my mind!

Callum Evans
Guest contributor

That is such an incredible sighting!! To see a python is rare enough but to see one hunting??!! I’ve also heard of two sightings when a leopard approached a python feeding (on an impala or a duiker) and it forced the snake to disgorge its prey.

Denise Vouri
Guest contributor

Unbelievable! That had to have been the sighting of the week. The video really gave credence to how a snake can catch and consume its prey. It’s straight out of National Geographic. I can hardly wait for your next adventure.

INCREDIBLE! What an amazing sighting. Please tell Garrett and Life my expectations for my next visit are up! haha – kidding!
What luck!

Wendy Hawkins
Senior Digital Ranger

Wow what an amazing sighting! I felt as if I had been there watching Bruce, your blog was so interesting – I love pythons – Thank you

Joanne Wadsworth Kelley
Master Tracker

Stunned. I didn’t think this was possible! Great storyline Bruce, photo’s along with the tell-all video.

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