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Rich is the driving force behind Londolozi’s online storytelling and the founder of the Londolozi blog. His passions of digital media, film and photography have seen him build Londolozi's online ecosystem into a unique platform for advocacy of the restoration and rewilding of ...

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on Wishing You Everything That Truly Matters

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That was an absolutely stunning video presentation, Rich, and the sentiments are so true. Our Christmas celebrations need to return to the values of ‘family and friends’ instead of the gifts under the tree. Those gifts are soon forgotten or at the least, taken for granted. Happy holidays to everyone there.

Thanks for the kinds words Darlene. I hope you have a happy holiday with all plenty of family and friends around.

Stunning video. Curently visiting Londolozi. Feel so welcome and loved and part of the family. So much to be grateful for. It is all about the small and simple things that make us happy.

So true Marinda, I hope you had a magical stay with us last week?

We had a wonderful time last week at Londolozi. It was truly something special. We felt so welcome.

Wishing you and yours every health and happiness this Christmas

Senior Digital Ranger

You’re absolutely brilliant, Rich. You capture all that’s grand about Londolozi and then create stunning ways to present that grandeur. Londolozi is very fortunate to have you in its family. To you and all the Londolozi family, Merry Christmas.

Senior Digital Ranger

Thank you, Rich, for this presentation of what is truly to be valued not just a Christmas but all through the year. I am keeping this in my new email file so I can play frequently as I give thanks for family and friends and for this Earth that is ours. And, for the people who devote their lives to preserving it, and to keeping the wild places wild. Merry Christmas and the best New Year to all of you.

Im glad to hear that Lucie, have a blessed festive season 🙂

I loved my first card of the year!! The music, video clips and simple one word messages combine to bring the wonder of Londolozi to life. May you all continue to enjoy the simple pleasures that Bush life brings. Cheers!

Thanks Denise and to you too! I hope you receive many more cards during the season. 😉

Senior Digital Ranger

Beautiful! Your tracker’s smile was a highlight. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas, a bright sparkling New Year, joy and love over all the holidays you celebrate! Thank you so much for touching the lives of so many.

Digital Ranger

Very well done video, Rich! Gave me chills! Merry Christmas!

Stunning!! Watching the video brought joy and tears to my eyes. Love Londolozi so much. You have captured the essence of Londolozi brilliantly! Happy Christmas to everyone at Londolozi who have made our times with you so special and memorable xx

Rich, Merry Christmas to all of you too! We love the video and will enjoy sharing it. Your videos and photos keep getting better and better! Hope you get some time to enjoy your family over the holiday!

Thanks Michael & Terri, have a wonderful festive season with many family and friends around.

The most amazing sights beautifully edited – can’t wait for our 2018 visit. Londolozi is the most amazing destination on the planet!

Thanks Yvonne, looking forward to welcoming you in 2018. Have a wonderful festive season until then.

This video is spectacular.Too much love LONDOLOZI. We love LONDOLOZI. Eveything from you people and the animals is awesome. Londolozi is the true paradise,the true magic that exists in Africa has its spark in LONDOLOZI. GRATITUDES.

Thanks Eulalia, sending greetings and blessings from Londolozi.

A friend of ours who has been to Londolozi twice, forwarded your blog to us. Your message, photos, and videos were truly breathtaking and heartwarming. Thank you!
We are grateful for a trip we took to East Africa in August and hope that one day we may experience the wonder of Londolozi and South Africa. In the meantime, we shall continue to appreciate the simple things in life as we celebrate Christmas with our family.

Im so pleased the post was forwarded on to you Victoria and that it brought warmth to your heart! Hopefully you will be able to come and visit us in South Africa and at Londolozi in the near future. Until then, have a wonderful festive season with your family.

Rich what an exceptional video you composed which truly represents many special wildlife moments at Londolozi, but also, as you said, reminds us all of what is truly important. From all the fantastic images to the radiant smile of the tracker, you left my heart smiling. Bravo!


So great!!

🙂 Thanks Susan, I trust you had an amazing stay with us this past month?

Oh my, Every picture, every video makes me want to to be there. I will make it one day. My hope for Christmas is that all those babies have the chance to grow up with their mothers and learn to fend for themselves as they become adults and then the circle begins again. My wish is that you all keep doing what you are doing, because it is so special. You all have educated me through your pictures, videos and your blogs. I will continue to watch and learn. Have a Merry Merry Christmas way over there.

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