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Andre was a ranger at Londolozi from 1977 - 1979.

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on This is Londolozi in 1977

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I loved reading your blog Andre. I love history and reading stories about life in the bush. Those pioneering days were the best. We’ve been in White River for 30 years and my husband was born and grew up in Nelspruit. This is an amazing area to call home. We are so privileged to be so close to Kruger and the surounding wild life areas.

How nice to hear from someone who worked there at the beginning. And nice to see the other two rangers, esp since I have met Lex Hes as co-owner of Ecotraining. And a great photographer!

What a great story !! You have been blessed with a magical life, starting out as a ranger and then taking the opportunity offered to move into the business world, yet you managed to use that position as a doorway back to Londolozi. Well done.

Albeit the new lodges come with all the bells and whistles but I bet the olden days were much more exciting as far as untold adventure. My first trip to Southern Africa was in 1996 and I stayed in a small camp in Zimbabwe with no power, save for oil lamps and 6 army style tents. Had the best time!!

Thanks for sharing.

Senior Digital Ranger

Wow Andre, Londo has certainly changed, but the charm of those days will always be with you, as is mine in KNP when I was 10 with only paraffin lights, freezer was our cooler box & hot water was boiled on a donkey with the fire beneath it! Oh those were the days, but I too live for my daily fix via the blogs 🙂 Thank you Andre for these memories

Really interesting to see how much things have changed in Londolozi over the years! Wasn’t this close to the time that John Varty and Elmon Mlhongo made the film The Silent Hunter?

Hi callum. It’s quite extraordinary isn’t it?! This was pre-silent hunter though. We think John and Elmon filmed Silent Hunter in the late 80’s. Thanks so much.

Ah okay, that actually makes sense. I managed to get a video of the Silent Hunter at a second hand sale a few years ago and it really was ground-breaking footage for that time (I assume that that was the Mother Leopard that they filmed). I’ve also got a book called My Life with Leopards by Fransje Van Riel who also worked with John and Elmon on a different film in Londolozi.

Thank you. Wonderful memories. First visit to Londolozi was in 1982 (maybe’83.). Lex and Lynn managed Bush Camp. I’m counting days till another return visit….my 5th since 2010. My heart rests in Londolozi.?

So interesting to read a bit of the history of Londolozi. Loved the pictures. Seems like a very special place.

Fantastic pics! Its fabulous to be able to look back and see what has been achieved by all in the last 40 years!!!

Your story brings back so many stunning memories and lots of nostalgia. And well done for keeping the pictures, they add so much detail. Even though the place and vehicles etc have changed so much, I find that the look on peoples faces remain constant. Thank you for this Andre.

Fascinating story thank you so much cant believe how young my brother was wow.Also a keen follower of the blog really some nice story’s and amazing photos thank you

Senior Digital Ranger

This slice of Londolozi history was a lovely read. How amazing to think of all the hard work, people and vision it has taken to create such a wonderful partnership with nature and share it with so many.

One of the best blog posts I’ve read. Your love and passion for what Londolozi is, is very apparent.

This is incredible – I love seeing how Londolozi looked way back when. What an experience it must have been, thank you for sharing!

I think you should bring back the old logo – very retro and hip 🙂

Hello Andre, It’s been a lomg time. But there was an airstrip at Londolozi though I’m not sure when it was completed and I taught Dave Varty to fly there during the first two weeks of October 1979 in a Piper Cub……….Hello Dave and Shan

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