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Josephine grew up on a farm just south of Johannesburg, which exposed her to open spaces and encouraged her to develop a love for nature at a very young age. Later she attended the Diocesan College for Girls in the Eastern Cape where ...

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on When Actions Speak Louder Than Words

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Lovely blog Josephine. It is amazimg how similar elephants and us humans are.

So beautiful….

Thought-provoking and inspirational, Jo!

Lovely words Josephine to describe the similar bonds of caring for children and young animals by their mothers. Motherly instincts are universal no matter the species, and it’s so true the touch of a hand, trunk, paw or mouth on a youngster feeling fear, is immediately soothing. Seems you’ve found your comforting niche with the Londolozi family.

Senior Digital Ranger

That all children, regardless of species, need to feel safe, secure, and loved is so beautifully illustrated in your blog, Josephine. And the pictures of the adults who offer this at Londolozi are beautiful.

Josephine, what a beautiful and thoughtful story. It’s the little things that connect us with wildlife that make our times at Londolozi so special. The similarities are so apparent – you are right!

Senior Digital Ranger

Beautiful Josephine, thank you for sharing this blog with us 🙂

What a beautiful article. Thank you so much for painting such an awesome picture. My spirit connects with the Ellies and this is just another reason why. Thank you.

What well written and thought provoking story. Truly we all are interconnected, whether human or wildlife, to protect, assure and quietly love our young ones.

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