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on The Week in Pictures #307

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It is sad that the Mashaba female cubs were killed. Love the violet backed starling. We recently saw a yellow billed oxpecker in the central parts of Kruger. The first time that I have seen them so far south. Always special to see them.

I was saddened to learn of the loss of the Mashaba female’s cubs, but know that she will eventually give birth to another litter. On the flip side, it’s great news that the Tsalala pride seems to be putting aside their differences to bond together as a serious family. Great reporting as usual.

So sad about the leopard cubs! They are so vulnerable with only a mother to protect then and hunt for them. But life goes on. The photos from this week are beautiful! Thanks for sharing, James.

We felt some ‘invested’ in Mashaba’s cubs as we saw her mate with both Piva and Inyathini in April, so we’re especially sad to read of their demise. Not a good time these days to be a leopard cub…

All of these photos are absolutely beautiful!! The shot of the Mashaba female in stalk mode is sublime and that cheetah sighting looks like it was unbelievable! I love the atmosphere in the spotted hyena photo, not to mention the two hippo photos! I remember looking at the Insta post of you photographing that starling; and seeing a YB oxpecker in that area is pretty special!

I’m reall upset to hear about the death of the Mashaba cubs, I was really looking forward to following their progress. I’m still holding out a shred of hope for that last cub, I like to be optimistic. I suspect that lions were the culprits, though at the age the cubs were at hyenas are also highy likely (which could explain lack of evidence on the third cub). The leopards have not had a good few months.
I did see the post about the poteintial reforming of the Tsalala Pride, it’s a very exciting time on the lion front! Looking forward to seeing what happens in the coming weeks!

Wonderful pictures – loved the violet backed starling.
But… having had the privilege to see the Mashaba cubs when they were about 4-5 weeks old it feels it very sad to hear about their demise. It really brings home the precariousness of bringing up young and how difficult it is for a leopard to protect themselves as well as keeping their cubs safe from lions and hyenas. Let’s hope Mashaba has a new litter soon!

Sad to hear about the loss of Mashaba female’s litter.

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