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Amy worked at Londolozi from 2014 to 2017, guiding full time before moving into the media department, where her photographic and story-telling skills shone through. Her deep love of all things wild and her spiritual connection to Africa set her writing and guiding ...

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on What It’s Really Like to Be a Female Ranger

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Loooved the podcast. Such a great idea. Looking forward to many more.

Thanks so much Marinda!

Great discussion. Our first visit to Londolozi was in 1999 and we had a female Ranger. Incredible experience and great stories. A few years ago you guided us and had a great Wild Dog siting among others. My experience as a sales executive for 35 years is that women will almost always do a better job than a man and I’ll take a wild guess that you & the female Rangers enjoy the ‘friendly’ competition with the male Rangers.

Haha thank you Jeff. I think the entire team enjoys a bit of friendly competition. As such an avid blog follower, what sort of stories would you be interested in hearing about going forward?

I’d like to see continued blogs by Kylie, my long distance Lightroom teacher, about various LR techniques. And I’d love for you to continue your posts that are often not specifically about animals but are about the trees, the water and the feelings one has when they are at Londolozi.

I’d travel with you anywhere in the bush! Your knowledge and passion are obvious. I found the podcast quite illuminating inasmuch as you included others in and relating your field. Thank you!!

Thanks so much Denise!

Senior Digital Ranger

Thank you for creating another way to link us to Londolozi. I look forward to listening to these and sharing them with friends.

Thank you Carolyn! We look forward to sharing them with you!!

The podcast was great. Lovely to hear Andrea again – she & Jerry were a brilliant team when we visited. It seemed that there was nothing that between them they didn’t know about the bush! Oh and by the way Andrea really could and no doubt still can “multi-task” – talking to us deciding where we were going for the morning, talking on the radio to everyone else and talking to Jerry about the best route to get there! Brilliant…!

I’ve had the supreme pleasure of being with Talley on two separate trips to Londolozi. I never for a moment doubted her ability. On one occasion I was the only guest in the vehicle and she gave me a very thorough description of what she went through while training to be a ranger. Power to her and all the female rangers….and the male rangers as well. I love everything about Londolozi and this new podcast series will make my long wait between visits tolerable. Aloha from Hawai’i.

Aloha Judy! Thank you for your comment. Being a part of the greater Londolozi family, what sort of stories would you like to hear about on the podcast going forward? Many thanks, Amy

Thank you for the wonderful podcast! I have learned so much more about Londolozi. The training you ladies went through is quite impressive! (ok and reassuring:) This will be our first safari, I am very excited and kind of nervous, all at the same time!

Thank you Nickolette. We can’t wait to have you here! And don’t worry, you have nothing to worry about. Just keep up the excitement 🙂

I love the idea of a podcast. Another way for me to listen to stories and feel as though I am back in Africa. I have become a Londolozi groupie and check the newsletter daily. I first discovered Londolozi through Andrea Campbell who was our guide at another Lodge. One day I will make it back to your amazing part of the world. Lovely to hear you all.

Ah we’re so happy to hear that. Thank you Janice! It is very much our aim to connect you to Londolozi daily until you get to visit us again. What sorts of stories and topics would you like to be hearing on the podcast until then?

Hi again. It is interesting hearing how the staff came to be at Londolozi. I would like to hear from other guides and trackers. I would also like to hear about some basic tracking techniques, perhaps with video. The centre piece of my photo book from Africa was my ‘poo and print’ page. I have a picture of the animal, it’s foot print & scat. I even have Andrea’s footprint (thankfully that was all she supplied!). I think I labelled everything correctly but it would be good to see how the experts do it. Also, any chance of a photographic competition and the winner gets to visit Londolozi??!! Thanks & keep up the great work.

As a biased supporter of female rangers, I have to say I loved yesterdays podcast. I loved the banter between the ‘girls’, loved the detail that was shared – obviously able to put so much more detail across in the podcast.
It put a whole new slant on my drive to work listening to the chat. Well done Amy, Andrea, Tally and Jessica – you all put across such beautiful perceptions of Londolozi’s nature and your jobs.

Very interesting discussion! On our recent visit, Andrea was our guide. I felt very safe and comfortable with her and enjoyed every moment. My daughters were with us and we have always told them they can do anything they want in life. Andrea was a great example of that for them!

Thanks so much Jody. We’re so glad you found it interesting. And you’re right Andrea is fabulous! We look forward to seeing what it is that your daughters choose to do in the future. Best regards, Amy

Loved this, please do more. What’s the age limit to become a ranger???❤️

What a wonderful Podcast! I really look forward to hearing more stories and ideas in this format.

Nice podcast there.Keep up Amy.We proud f you.You are an inspiration to many.

Amy, great to hear the podcast. Joan and I were with you a few weeks ago and obviously we agree with all the comments – you are a terrific guide.
I don’t want to gloss over the issues you faced (and face still) regarding women rangers. Joan, you and I were talking with another couple at Tree Camp. They were mid-70s, very well educated and articulate.
I remember as you explained what you did at a Londolozi that I almost laughed out loud as the gentleman struggled to reconcile in his mind – woman, pretty woman, ranger, guide, wild animals, rifle, Africa Safari.
I could see the confusion on his face. It was almost too much for him but i was impressed by your patience and kindness as you explained what you did at Londolozi. It was wonderful to see the lights go on in his head when he understood that when you said you were our ranger, what you meant by that was that, you…were…our… ranger.
Joan and I can’t wait to return to Londolozi. You made our stay so memorable.
I just wanted to point out that we know not everything is as easy as you make it appear.
Best always.

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