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Amy worked at Londolozi from 2014 to 2017, guiding full time before moving into the media department, where her photographic and story-telling skills shone through. Her deep love of all things wild and her spiritual connection to Africa set her writing and guiding ...

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on When You Give Yourself To Places, They Give You Yourself Back

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Lovely blog Amy. I walk every morning. It realy connects you with yourself. So special to get out in the fresh morning air. Awesome video.

That’s awesome Marinda. So glad that you’re seeking out fresh air, nature and some connection time even when you’re not in the bush. Beautiful!

Ethereal and beautifully written. Well done.

Thank you Jeff!

THANK YOU Amy!!! Lovely post that further solidifies my desire to experience Londolozi for myself someday…it’s at the top of my “bucket-list”! ? I have a very close group of friends…my beautiful soul-sisters & “tribe-mates”…who I would LOVE to share Londolozi with, especially on a walk like you’ve described.?

Hi Jenn! I have no doubt that you’ll get your tribe here with you one day!! And when you do, I would love to take you on a walk like this 🙂 Wishing you a beautiful day!

Amazing!! I’d love to do a walk.

I’d love to take you on one Ann!

This is a great blog Amy, I totally agree that walking tunes the mind out of its spinning cycle and relates it closer to the rhythms of nature. What were some of other other small details you noticed on the walk in addition to the Impala Lily?

Thanks Rich! I know you know what I’m talking about! We also had some really fresh leopard tracks on the walk. They were on top of general game tracks on the game path but going the opposite direction to us so we knew he had already passed by. Another amazing moment happened after we’d settled high up on the koppies. We heard a noise and realised it was the lip smacking of the rhino. They came out and fed around the base of the koppies and we watched them for about 30 minutes without them knowing we were there before they wandered off. You should join us next time!

I definitely know what you are talking about. One of my favourite elements of a bushwalk is that of scent and the different smells of the wilderness. I find that the bush smells particularly sweet in the early morning just after the sun rises and right before a thunderstorm. I will definitely join you next time 🙂

A really nice blog Amy and very thought provoking. When I walk in the bush I am totally at peace and enjoy the birds, look up at the sky and watch a seagull or hawk circling around and just the scent of the plants and trees. A feeling of complete peace. Thank you.

Beautiful post!! Speaking as someone who has walked (and slept) in a wilderness area, I can safetly say that I know and crave those feelings that you describe! There’s something undescribable about walking through an area where the only paths are those made by the animals that you could encounter at any point.
Also loved the video, with two unusual bird sightings and some Tsalala Pride history!

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