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Nanga 4:3 Female

Nanga 4:3 Female

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Irene Nathanson

Senior Digital Ranger

Originally from New York USA currently living in the Sunshine state of Florida in the Tampa Bay area. My first trip to Africa was in 2009 when I visited Botswana and Zambia. My first trip to Sabi Sands South Africa was in 2011. ...

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Master Tracker

Even by Londolozi standards , those are cracking photos.

Thank you so much Ian

Loved reading this, Irene! James and Rich were our ranger/tracker team as well, and this brought back some great memories. Although we had amazing sightings on every drive with them, we did have one rainy afternoon purple patch that sticks out – we set out to track lions and ran into a heard of 30+ elephants, a leopard right along side our van, our first rhinos of the trip, and eventually the pride of lions. And we’d almost skipped the drive altogether because of the weather!

Frankie thank you for your comment. First rule of safaris .. never miss s drive. I went out after a hail storm once on a private drive with Trevor and saw Tsalala lions curled up in the wet grass a beautiful sighting. You never know nature is always got a show playing even if nobody is there to watch

Senior Digital Ranger

Thanks for sharing your amazing photos from your purple patch and awaking many memories of my own. I dream of visiting Londolozi.

You are welcome. I love to share this wonderful place and the nature that inhabits the land

Great story! I had a similar experience in Sabi Sand with all three of your wishes sans the cub. In February they were weeks old and still hidden in the rocks. Nice photos.

Thank you. Always happy to hear others stories

It’s amazing how these purple patches happen at Londolozi! How lovely to get such beautiful clear shots of Nanga with her cub in the tree! What camera/lens were you using?

Great Blog! We will be in Londolozi in a few weeks and are hoping we see our ‘purple patch’!

How fantastic! I wonder when you will be there. The weather is great this time of year. I hear there are lots of cubs. Enjoy. I’ll be looking for your blog next. Wishing you lots of Purple!

Irene, Great job on your “purple post!” – how exciting! We have known James since he led us at Phinda a few years ago and he is great! He had some of our group last month too now that he is at Londolozi! So glad he is there now. Can’t wait to share notes soon when you are back on home base in Sarasota!

Thank you Michael! Perhaps someday our travel dates will align. Looking forward to comparing notes. I always follow your posts when you are traveling.

Great stuff as always Irene -Londolozi is indeed a magical place.

Thank you. I have so many wonderful sightings I never know what to share.

Fantastic photos. I wonder if Irene could share with us what kit she uses to capture these images.

Hello Gillian. Thank you for your interest. I used both a Nikon 7200 and 810 with 70-200mm 2.8 and 300mm 2.8

Thanks Irene,
Whilst I’m a Canon user myself I was interested to see the F stop you used on your lenses. F2.8 really helps with the quality of the final image. I shall bear that in mind when we plan our next trip to Londolozi but we have to visit New Zealand to see our family first!

I’m not sure if you are aware but some lenses can be rented at or through Londolozi. It’s much better than carrying a heavy lens while traveling. They also have a great place on property to edit as well as print out canvases to take home as s souvenir. Enjoy New Zealand

Great read Irene! Londo is in the heart and soul of those who dream big! Thanks! Dan

Thank you for your comment. I hope to be there when you are there sometime

Lovely purple patch blog Irene. Your pics are fantastic and thanks for sharing with us. What memories you will have of your amazing good fortune and trip.

Thank you Leonor. I’m glad you enjoyed. Always lucky there 🙂

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