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James started his guiding career at the world-renowned Phinda Game Reserve, spending four years learning about and showing guests the wonder of the incredibly rich biodiversity that the Maputaland area of South Africa has to offer. Having always wanted to guide in the ...

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on New Giraffe Species in Africa

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THANK YOU to each of you who contribute to this blog daily! I look forward to enjoying the photos and enlightening info each morning with my coffee. And it just so happens that GIRAFFES are my fav. The first thing our Londolozi Ranger said to us as we departed was “So, what would you like to see today?”. I immediately said “A Giraffe!”. He looked at me with a smile and said, “Oh that’s easy!”. Not 30 seconds later we turned the “corner” (are there “corners” on dirt roads?) and, YUP!, there was a beautiful full-grown giraffe not 30 feet from us. I saw many more during our game drives and each was a delight for me. I love how they are the ones who seem to notice us. They watch you as you approach and they seem very curious. It was awesome. THANK YOU!!!

Hi Sondra, its such a pleasure and hopefully you come back to see more of them!


Yet another great post . . . and educational as well.

Hi Jeff, i’m glad you enjoyed it.


The first time you see a giraffe in the wild is an awesome experience . It may not be for the rangers, but for the first time viewer it is spectacular. I was really lucky as the first giraffes I saw were having a courtship ritual with their necks rubbing against each other.
Magic moment.

Hi Ian,
It’s always special to see giraffe, even for the rangers and tracker, believe me 🙂


Hi James , I think they keep the kordofan species in Planckendael , we have a lot of youngsters , one died accidently lately

Hi Dina, Guido,

Interesting to hear. As James (other James) mentioned, potential breeding programs in the future might be an issue if care is not taken that different species aren’t diluting the gene pool…

Hi Dina and Guido, thats interesting to hear and sorry to hear about the youngster that died. See you on the 22nd of October!


What an interesting discovery! It’s amazing to hear that the Giraffe have been so overlooked and hardly studied at all. Thank you for a very interesting and educational post James.

Hi Jill, hopefully there will be more studies done after this discovery and we can continue learning more about them.

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