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Amy worked at Londolozi from 2014 to 2017, guiding full time before moving into the media department, where her photographic and story-telling skills shone through. Her deep love of all things wild and her spiritual connection to Africa set her writing and guiding ...

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on The Ten Craziest Facts You Should Know About A Giraffe

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Dave Mills

Most interesting, Amy. Thanks a million. (You really stuck your neck out on this blog. You are the height of intelligence. Aargh.)

Amanda Ritchie
Marketing Manager

Such a great post, Amy!

Deb Helfrich

Amy, this is the most informative article about giraffes I have ever read. I have to agree with you that watching these magnificently different creatures automatically clears out our minds and allows us to stay present with unbelievable beauty.

Judy B.

Loved the information about giraffes. I have also always thought they are amazing creatures.

Jill Larone

Amy, thank you for a very interesting, informative write-up. I loved watching the Giraffes while there at Londolozi — they’re so graceful and beautiful and do having a calming effect.

Ginger Brucker

Great facts Amy! Love your bogs. I feel a kinship with these long-legged lovelies though I am not as graceful..but also thankful my tongue is smaller and not bluish/black.

Ginger Brucker

that would be love your blogs ? not sure about bogs….


How much blood does a giraffe have.

Paige Dissanayake
Digital Ranger

What an absolutely gorgeous collection of photographs! I particularly love that first video of two young males necking.

I actually wrote a similar blog post incorporating all the fun facts that I learnt about giraffes whilst on my trip around Botswana over December. Please feel free to check it out! I have to say – the fact that the collective term for group of giraffes is termed a tower when stationary, but a journey when on the move, has to be one of my favourite parts of the English language!

I actually wrote a fun blog post about giraffes, based on my findings from my recent trip to Botswana in December. I’d absolutely adore it if you were to check it out! paigingdoctor.com/giraffe-ic-park/


Nice article about the giraffe. How accurate is the part about lions being decapitated? I can find any references to that.

Hi Will. I have not seen it myself but have read a number of reports that it’s possible. The kick would need to be incredibly well placed by the giraffe but it is in fact powerful enough.

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