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Werner guided at Londolozi from 2014-2016, but misses it so much now that he is based down in the Western Cape, that he begged to be able to continue contributing to the blog. Look out for his posts on a wide range of ...

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on The Black Panther

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Really interesting read, eloquently explained. I love the big cats, and especially seeing them in the “wild”… I think leopards are probably my favourite as I have seen them the least, and I’ve only seen a leopard kill once… a spellbinding experience. They are amazingly strong, and I love how their muscles ripple as they stalk. 🙂


Nice read Werner.
This year there have been hordes of sightings of the melanistic leopards in the jungles of Kabini in the state of Karnataka, India too. Additionally, there have been sightings in North East India + Bhutan although hard to photograph there… Other parts of India has also captured images of the melanistic leopards but, only in camera traps. Its truly a special sighting as one of my dear friends visited Kabini 4 times in one month (literally 4 weeks) to get a pic 🙂

Thanks for the updates Kanwar,
Definitely on a number of our bucket lists here at Londolozi!


Very interesting write-up Werner. I didn’t even know there was such an animal as a black leopard! They’re certainly very beautiful and it would be incredible to be able to see one!


Such amazing beauty in the wild! This is on my bucket list! I am in awe of the wild!

if you look closly a black panther is a jaguar

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