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on Do Leopards Have Favourite Trees?

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Hi think is a two fold answer. Think they would take kill to nearest available tree for safety reasons. And second answer is maybe they do have favorite trees for resting.


I wish it were true then it would be, as it was with your Ximpalapala cub.. If they had a favorite tree even for resting it would make it that much easier to figure out where they were when they seemingly just melt into the bush! Interesting article, thank you!


Whether the leopards have a favorite tree probably depends on their circumstances. If they need an immediate spot to get to they will pick whatever tree is available. However if they are given a choice they may have a favorite resting spot that they are comfortable in. All animals are creatures of habit and go to what they know and what they are comfortable with. So maybe they do have favorites. What a great project to research though!

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