on New Lessons and Mating Rhinos: How the Bush Surprises us Everyday

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Wow! Awesome video Bennet. Incredible sighting of this highly endangered species. #Keepourrhinossave.

Jill Grady

Great video and pictures Bennet and what an incredible sighting! I envy your daily experiences of so much wonder and always something amazing around every corner.

Evette Hartig

Bennet, always a joy to see what you are up to, the video was wonderful. Hope to see you when I return in August.

Fantastic video! Take good care of these magnificent creatures, keep their locations a secret as much as you can. The stories of the poachers is heartbreaking.

Wonderful video! I wish I had been there! Thank you, Bennet!

Hi Empho!
Well done!

Master Tracker

By the time I came to South Africa , I had been to Africa about twelve times. I had seen Rhinos once .
I was so surprised to see one on the very first game drive , that I stood up for a better view and was roundly rebuked (this wasn’t at Londolozi-I hasten to add) .
Somehow I suspect that if the ranger really didn’t know how lucky he was to see them .

Senior Digital Ranger

Wow what an amazing sighting seeing them all together & a mating! They are such an amazing animal. Thank you Bennet – I also envy your “office job” have a lovely Monday

What fabulous footage. Thank you

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