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I am the Head of Development at Londolozi's not-for-profit partner organisation, the Good Work Foundation (GWF). GWF focuses on education, in particular helping people living in rural areas to connect to a new, digital Africa and all of its opportunities.

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on 3 “Ecolutionary” Innovations of 2014

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I saw the Land Rover being driven towards Londolozi as I was leaving, I hope the Ellies aren’t spooked by a silent Land Rover.
I would love to read more about the gardens and just how you prevent them from being dug up by Impala etc.
Only in Londolozi could herbivores become predators…


We have got some pretty sturdy cages Ian 🙂


Thank you, next time I come I look forward to seeing them.

It’s been a great year for eco-developments at the reserve. Looking forward to many more of these innovations!


Interesting blog Ryan, and thank you for keeping us updated on all of the exciting developments at Londolozi. I think Londolozi could be a model for the rest of the world on minimizing our carbon footprint on the environment. You are constantly coming up with amazing and creative ways to lesson the impact on this very beautiful world and it is, and should be, an inspiration to the rest of us, to constantly be thinking of ways as well. If we all work together, we can preserve the beauty of the Earth for all its creatures and for generations to come. Thank you to everyone at Londolozi, for inspiring us all.

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