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on How to Film Wildlife with a DSLR Camera

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We recently bought entry-level DSLR cameras (Nikon D3200) – an upgrade for us but probably a million miles from the equipment you guys use! Still, hopefully we can get some tips from you to help us. I arrive at Founders this Thursday and am so looking forward to seeing you all again!

Hi Suzanne,

We are all looking so forward to having you with us again! The Nikon D3200 will be great for your trip and there will definitely be ranger or two around to help you out with any questions.

Have a safe trip to us and we will see you on Thursday.

Kate Neill


A DSlr might be perfect for filming but there are still some of the best camera for filming in the market. like this Sony Cyber-shot DCS-H200. I really love this camera because it lets you capture 3D images and great video at 1080p. And it’s in its awesome price! Very affordable!

Hi Adam,

Would you happen to be related to Roger Bannister ?! If you don’t know his story it is amazing. Kidding, but anyways I am headed to Mcniel River Sanctuary in Alaska to basically live with coastal Grizzly bears for 4 days! I am going to be renting some equipment to take with me. I am wondering will this type of set up that you are referring to work for me or do I need something that is more like a camcorder. The bears on average will be between 50-150 feet away with some being an arms length away. Interested to know what you think about these distances versus the type of equipment I will need.

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