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Alex spent his formative years growing up on a cattle farm in the Western Cape, South Africa. After completing his studies in Marketing and Business Management, he joined world-renowned Londolozi game reserve in 1995 as a game ranger. Alex’s greatest fascination during his ...

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on In the Footsteps of the Leopard

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Arden Zalman

Thanks for the info. Fascinating.


Tracking is something I would love to try myself! Thanks for the Tracking Academy of this interesting serie. Are those leopard tracks genuine and untouched? How much heavier is a one year old male lion compairing to adult female leopard? Well, as everybody (here) knows, lions usually walk with their pride or coalition, not alone so much.

Alex van den Heever

Hi Raisa,

Thank you for your interest! Yes, indeed the leopard track photos are untouched. That is an interesting question – I would guess the female leopard would be slightly heavier. However, it depends entirely on how efficient the pride is in providing food to the cubs. Lion cubs who eat well grow quicker, particularly in the first 2 years of their lives.

I plan to do a post on the difference between lioness and male leopard tracks’ sometime soon. These are often confused.


hi…. this is prasanth from india .I study in IIT guwahati and our college is rumored to have a leopard living among us. Is there a safe way for me to track it down? I find all the articles on leopards relating to the African species .Does the demo graphical changes of Africa to India brig about any changes in the natural habits of the animal?I would be much obilized to know any more details.


Hi there

We have just moved to a farm in Southport, South Coast, Kwazulu Natal. On Sunday I spotted some distinct prints that looked like cat prints. The front print had a pad and three lobes, no nail markings and the back print had a pad and four lobes with distinct nail markings. The back print measured 8cm across the print. Please give me an address and I will send you a pic.

Kind Regards
Nina Deysel


Hi there. I live on a farm in EC and I am working with the landmark foundation basically just tending to some trail cams they lent me. I got a nice pic of a leopard a while back but I’ve decided that it was a bit boring just putting up cameras. I want to start tracking them and I would just like to ask you how well does those antenna devises work to track a colored leopard in very mountainous terrain. because large parts of the riverbed in the Grootriviers poort ( where I usually see their tracks) is very rocky and so I cant simply rely on footprints alone.


This may be an off the wall question but I was watching the Disney TV show “The Lion Gaurd” and in the show they made a comment about Leopard tracks they found and it showed tracks with a large set of prints next to a noticeably smaller set of prints. And the characters even commented on the size difference. Anyway, I’m just curious if there’s any realism to this.

Hi Hailey. No we haven’t seen the show. Did they compare lion and leopard prints or were they various sized leopard prints? Lions have substantially larger feet than leopards and male leopards will have bigger feet than female leopards who will have bigger feet than young leopards. I hope this helps to answer your question. Many thanks, Amy

Luca Nardari

Good evening.
I stay on a plot near in the North West. I found tracks in my yard this morning and i am struggling to identify the culprit. I assume it is either a leopard or a hyena. Do you have any tips of distinguishing between the two?

Bhushan Dalvi

Am Form India And Am Just Start Leopard Study And This Information Very Help Full To My Self Thanks You So Much .

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