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on Why do Zebras have Stripes?

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Christine Lamberth

In nature there are, I have found, no absolutes. There are always exceptions to the rule and to say that Zebra are hunted exclusively by Lions is a bit dodgy I’m afraid. I have photographs of a Leopard that killed a Zebra (and not such a small one at that) taken in the Masai Mara in 2010.

Christine you are absolutely correct and I thank you for your comment. You will see that I have amended the mistake in my article accordingly. Nature is very difficult to box in indeed. I trust you enjoy reading the blog and following the comings and goings at Londolozi. – Adam

Rory du Plessis

Thanks for the info, its why I called my company Dazzled Zebra Safari Company!!

Penny Parker

You seem to have made quite a comprehensive list of reasons 🙂 I have learnt that it also aids in being able to identify each other in hazy conditions or in the clouds of dust that rise up around them when they disperse. I do believe, with their preference for open grassy habitat exposed to the sun, that the stripes do in fact help with the dissipation of heat. Also of course, the stripes are an ID “barcode” for foals to recognise their mothers by – the stripes just above the legs (usually in triangles) being the most distinctive.

Thanks so much, and again as I mentioned before, I am loving the collective nouns. they are so much fun . I quite like a “tower/journey” of Giraffe, a “skulk” of jackal, a “crash” of rhino and a “business” of mongoose 🙂 haha.

dave varty

nice concept well done adman


A certain Londolozi Ranger informed us that stripes on the rear-end of the Zebra was its ID – as in Penny’s comments.
Here’s one for you Adam – a herd of Highland cattle – the lovely hairy ones which are referred to in Scotland just as Highlanders (no comparison to kilted gents!) are known as a “fold” of highlanders, so now you can impress all Scottish lasses!

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