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on Current composition of the Tsalala Pride

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Graeme Marais

Thanks Ad..
A periodic update like this is very beneficial. Was hoping you guys would post something like this.

Geri Potter

Unbelievably, I awoke this morning wondering about them all, especially the ‘new’ tailless female and her cub! Specifically, if something happened to her (God forbid) would the other 2 adults care for her daughter? It appears, however, that she is healing and she appears fed. Perhaps staying near camp is a good deterrant to hyena attacks?
Please keep us posted…your updates are FABULOUS! 🙂


My worst fears have been realized. My friends and I were with Talley & Freddie and were the first to find and see the May cubs on an August drive. Fearlessly the four cubs approached our vehicle. We named the cub in the lead Shayne, after a fearless grandson in our family. Sadly, you have confirmed that he was killed in either of the two deadly incidents. I can only hope the little girl will survive, despite her poor sate of health. Thank you so much for keeping us informed. At least we have several photos of the Fab Four. The cycle of life can be very sad.

Nancy Armitage

Thank you for the update and “history” of this pride. I didn’t realize the original tailless lioness was so old…about 14 years old now. Your blogs help tell the amazing stories of the animals’ lives and struggles that live there.


Thanks heaps for the update on this interesting pride. If the four young females join the older females it will make it the largest pride in Sabi Sands.

Suzanne Myers

Wow- The bobtail cats!! I know of the Tsalala pride. Would the oldest one referred to in this pride be the one We Djuma Djunkies have come to know as B.B.??? I am so PROUD of the male cub gone 5 weeks-that survived!!!!!!! This pride is one to be sooo proud of!!!!! Truly this male cub (I BELIEVE will become “A FORCE to be reckoned with!!! I look forward to aging with this pride!!!!!!!!! Thank-you so much for letting us knoww!!!!!

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