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on Lion Warfare: Majingilanes mating with Sparta Lionesses

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Hi all,

I have only just recently been reading these articles but i’m a great fan of the big cats. The story seems facinating with all these large coalitions around. But you do have to feel sorry about the small guy. Can somebody give me a quick update as to the state of all the Male lion colalitions.

Mopogo’s – are there still 3 aged lions left?
Manjigilanes – Would these be classed as the dominant ones at present?
Who else is joining up with who?
Why are these coalitions all so large? In BCD there always 2 males.

This has been a great read so far. Keep up the great work.

I know where i will be going on holiday to now.



Would it be safe to say that the majings have conceded the djuma area to the matimbas?


Hi Jamie and Francis….okay where to start…
Mapogos…yes there are only 3 left. We had them on Londolozi a couple of nights ago however tracks showed us that by the following morning they had returned back west thus a true indicator that indeed Majingilane are in control. Add to that the fact that majingilane have mated and sired cubs with Tsalala, Styux and Sparta means the females reckon they are here to stay. As far as why the coalitions are so large I am not sure I can truely answer that. If you look back on the origins of the Mapogo there were 6 males. Since then all the coalitions have had to be large to keep up. Its almost like an evolutionary arms race in that nowadays a coalition of 2 males in the Sabi Sands will have little chance! As far as Matimba Males; i am yet to see these males and as far as we know they have not been as far south as londolozi. The Majingis seem to be spending more time further south so I reckon the Matimbas may be doing well north of us…but time will tell! Exciting for all of us… enjoy reading and keep checking for updates!


Thanks for the information Adam. I will be following your blogs now with great interest.


which Majingilane Male Lion
big in size ? and which one is dominated?

The black maned male and the scar faced male are the two most dominant Majingilane males.

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