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on Wild Dogs Moving Closer…

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Mele Andru

I bet that the lions in the area will not be too happy … lions and dogs are mortal enemies.
The reason why wild dogs are moving is exactly this – an encounter with Ximunge lionesses….


I bet that no other predator is happy 😉


I agree with your point of view:)

We had the first sighting of the pack at Londolozi yesterday evening!

Great to hear Adam, looking forward to some more footage coming up on the blog.

Bridie Tane

We were incredibly lucky to see a pack of wild dogs when we were staying with you earlier in the year it was the highlight of my trip perhaps it’s the same pack. They are amazing animals and so rare I felt very privileged to see them

Hi Bridie, they are magnificent to see! The pack you saw will be the same pack. they moved off Londolozi in about April in search of a densite. They found this quite far to the west of Sabi Sands. They had 8 pups, which I believe has now been reduced to 7. They also sadly lost one female adult to a lion skirmish!

Diane Hunter

Oh I would love to sit and observe the pack and their social behaviors. One of the trackers (don’t remember his name he rides with Daniel) shared how they take care of each other. Maybe on the next trip!! Oh, there WILL be a next trip. I’m hooked.


Oh, I hope they are there in November. Wild Dogs in the Sabi Sands is very exciting!!!

We are starting to see the pack more often now as the pups are starting to be able to move further distances…exciting times!

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