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on Breaking News: New Tsalala Pride Arrivals

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AMAZING! The Tsalala Pride continues to grow. This is such wonderful Tuesday morning happy news 🙂 I’m sure I speak on behalf of all your readers when i say I can’t wait for some footage of the new additions 🙂

Hope you find them. And I hope they are well and healthy.

Thanks Penny, no doubt we will keep you updated and informed. It is great to see this troubled pride continuing to rebuild itself, hopefully under the stability of the Majingilane coalition.

Waiting so impatiently for news and photos of this new group.


fantastic news. Thanks for letting us know.

Thats fantastic news Rich, we have been checking the blog since we returned a couple of weeks ago, looking forward to the first pics.

We will have them out as soon as we can – with the cubs at such a delicate stage we want to be as sensitive as possible at this stage. Thanks for your comments Sue.


We heard this news just as we were leaving Londolozi. Cannot wait to see photos of these new cubs. The existing four are gorgeous. The two litters will keep you busy!


Lion cubs are pretty much the cutest creatures existing on the planet, so once you locate them and film them, would it be possible for you to put up a longer video? Perhaps if you’d find them playing around with each other I wouldn’t mind a video of up to ten minutes instead of the usual minute or two. Would be really appreciated… thanks. =)

Hi Jeremy, we can definitely look into it for you. Let me work on getting footage of the cubs first and then I will be able to address your lengthy video. I agree, lion cubs are exceptionally cute! Thanks for your comments.


So exciting! I can’t wait to get back and find out more (and maybe get a glimpse of them!?) 🙂

I am sure you will in due course Kate, everyone is very excited to catch a glimpse!

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