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on Great Wildlife Photography 101

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Senasational. Thanks for the tips. My brother has been trying to teach me the ways of photography 🙂 Lets see if I can throw some fancy words his way now 🙂 haha!

i’d have created a photoshop ‘brush’ from some of the leaves, and added them to the blown out background to reduce it’s impact. Overall, a brilliant, wonderful photo! bravo


Rich, I am on my way for my second trip to Londolozi in a few weeks. Can’t wait to return. I have been going over my photos from 2008 thinking on ways of improving. I was fortunate to have Chris and Jerry as ranger and guide and they took care to get good angles for photographers.
In your commentary, you mention where a flash would help. I was told not use my Better Beamer and haven’t planned on bringing it with me. Is there a rule about not using a flash? Are there situations where it is allowed?

Debby, nice idea particularly in the top left hand corner.

Jo the use of flash photography is dependent on the game lodge you visit. At Londolozi you are welcome to use your flash both in the day time and at night time. At night, the ranger might ask you to use your discretion in flashing diurnal animals such as the antelope, etc as the bright flash leaves them unable to see properly in the darkness for a few moments after it has gone off. For the big cats and other nocturnal animals you can definitely use your flash.

Thanks for all the tips. I’ll be back in February 2012 and hope to improve my techniques from November 2010. Mike and Freddy were absolutely great guides and photo mentors on that trip!..but there’s always more to learnh.

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