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on Here is a Quick Way to Forget your Worries

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Thank you so much. Always lovely to see people taking time out to notice the small, and yet so spectacular, things in life. If only the politicians, poachers and Robert Mugabe’s of this world would open their eyes to the small beauties around them, maybe the news wouldn’t always be so disturbing.

Thanks again, for a great read.

And keep us all posted. 🙂

It’s true Penny, so often the small things go unnoticed when in reality they can provide some of the most profound ideas and thoughts. Thanks for your thoughts, will definitely keep you posted on the progress of this Heronry.

Just catching up on your blog posts after returning from SA. What a great article! I was privileged to have spent some time in the wonderful African bush without TV and away from all the pettiness that we humans make a big deal about! Just nature and you. So many beautiful, interesting and joyful things to see, learn about and take in!

There certainly are. Did you manage to see the nest on Camp Dam when you were here? We’re watching with interest to see if the eggs hatch…

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