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on A Brief History of the Tsalala Pride

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Thanks Oliver, great to hear how this pride we are so familiar with, was started. The Tailless female is such a survivor and it will be so interesting to see how the current situation unfolds.


Thanks Oliver and Londolozi for another fascinating chapter in this pride’s history. I can well imagine the tears that have been and will continue to be shed, I know I have dropped quite a few! Lets hope BB (tailess) will be seen soon and we can look forward to some good news!

Iren Juppa

Nature is beautiful, but unbelievably cruel. 🙁
The Tailles female is abandoned as Sandy Patch lioness.

Malcolm Bowling

That is a great write-up Oliver! It is always wonderful to know the history of a pride – there is always a harsh reality to nature it seems.


I agree Malcolm, this is both a very useful write up and a harsh reminder as to the reality of nature. It seems at times that the only way to deal with it is to observe with very little emotion. This is always much easier said than done however. Thanks for your thoughts.


I think there will be alot of sadness when BB (Tailless) female passes on and at 12 years of age she surely will have to soon be on the decline. Absolutely fascinating to follow these wild animals. When you do these wonderful blogs and stories you guys are helping wildlife conservation more than you realise. Education is the greatest way to forward conservation and the more we are all aware of these animals- the more we shall do to protect them and their enviroment.

Marinda Drake
Master Tracker

I came upon this blog looking for more history about the Tsalala pride. It is fascinating, sad and shocking all in one.

Jovan Antic

Is there any footage of Tsalala pride at that time? Especialy of young male and female. I’d be nice to see that. Realy touching history of pride.

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