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on Lion Warfare – An Update Part 5

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Many thanks for the update! It is good to keep up with what is going on!


Nothing makes me more excited than hearing updates about the amazing game in the region. Keep it up. Awesome blog.

Wow Penny, I think you could be even more excited than me about game viewing in the Kruger Park and Sabi Sands region! Glad you are enjoying it and following on our blog. I will be sure to keep it up. Thanks for commenting, looking forward to many more. Rich


HeY Rich

Good read. Any updates from other rangers and lodges in the West about ze Mapogo? The balance of power sure seems to be shifting in favor of the Majingilanes by the look and read of things. Keep it coming buddeh…


There was a video out about one of the Mapogos who had made a kill. I am not sure which Mapogo it was though. The balance of power will ebb and flow until it reaches a tipping point. If the Mapogos are content with the amount of females and prides in the west they will remain there, however if not then there will more than likely be conflict. The Majingilanes certainly aren’t wasting any time though!


What about Mr.T and the other Mapogo who was wounded recently? There is some video out of the old Mapogo and he does look like he’s ageing. Is the Dreadlocks Mapogo still around? It must feel like they are weakening with age. Clearly all have patrolled, fought and killed for so many years, its caught up now with age. I’m still trying to find images of all six, there are some good ones with five and four present respectively.

Hopefully, they have left their genes in the generations of young male cubs who will come together in the future for a gathering of magnificence (and violence).

HI Al,

I must admit that I can only really provide information on the Mapogos based on what other lodges in the Sabi Sands are telling. None of these lions have been seen on Londolozi as of late and still reside in the west of the Sabi Sands Game Reserve. I do agree that they have been around for a long time and have fought many battles….though you must never forget that age and experience is sometimes far more valuable than inexperienced might. If you haven’t already read this post, you might find it interesting: http://blog.londolozi.com/2010/06/the-mapogo-males-the-deep-dark-underworld-of-the-sabi-sands/. Did you ever visit the facebook page of the Mapogos? If not then try here: http://www.facebook.com/mapogo?ref=ts you should be able to find an image of all six.

There will definitely be a legacy of Mapogo genes in the lions of the Sabi sands both in the females and the young males who are growing up. Whether or not they survive, let along come together in a ‘gathering of magnificence (and violence)’ is debatable. The genes are spread widely and as such you might actually find different Mapogo offpsring battling each other in the future. I have put together a link list on the Mapogos for you and everyone else to take a look at below. Keep the questions coming and I will answer them as best I can.


Mapogo Research Links:

Londolozi Blog:


Other sites:



Thanks again bud,

I’ve read all those links and checked up almost every site that has the word ‘Mapogo’ in it. Many great reads about the assuming of power in the early years. I’ve also researched much into the lions of East Africa, the frightening man-eating problems there and Trophy Hunting which I’m heavily mixed about.

Many great articles written by Dr. Rolf Baldus and an American journalist Robert R Frump and the acute and deadly lions of Tanzania. Chilling stuff into the intelligence and cunning of man-eaters that sets them apart from lions elsewhere. A book by the latter “The Man-Eaters of Eden: Life and Death in the Kruger National Park”. Do let me know of your experiences or opinions with “rogue” lions.



It is so nice to read these old blogs and catch up with the lion dynamics. It is sad to realize that ťhe Tsalala pride consisted of 9 and they are now down to 3 members.

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