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on The Day Mandela was Released

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very cool vid Reech.

Thanks James, glad that you enjoyed it. Final Cut is starting to take shape out here.


Hi, I am David Canevaro work as a Sports therapist …Just say nice post, Good work!!!


thank you very inspiring!


I was at Londolozi working as a nurse when Nelson Mandela came to visit (I think it was Jan. 1991). He was unwell whilst he was there so I had the priviledge to look after him and spent time 3-4 hours alone with him. We were very anxious incase he got very sick up there, I was then called away as we had a spitting cobra incident with one of the staff and then that night I had to take a guest overland in the car to White River as she had been bitten by a snake. So I never got a chance to say goodbye. But during the time that I spent with him he was so humble. I was 23 then and now I am 44 and often think of all the things I would have liked to have spoken to him about. How lucky was I to spend time with such a great man. Working at Londolozi was another one of life’s great experiences, it was the end of a long journey for me as I had travelled overland through Africa but what an amazing place!

Thank you James for reminding me, also I was in Tanzania when Nelson Mandela was freed and although we celebrated there big time I did not see any television coverage till now!!

I would love to contact some of the people I worked with at Londolozi – Paul, Rob, Jane, I would also like to contact Ekim (the taxidermist in White River) Does anyone know where they are????

Thanks for your interesting comments and story Simone, it must have been quite an experience to spend a bit of time with Nelson Mandela at Londolozi.

I suggest you try getting in touch with the various people you mentioned on Facebook.

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