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Great article, the environmental and conservation ethos is still a major factor in the way londolozi operates, great to see, a leader in the industry. Great to have daily sightings posted on this Blog. Keep up the great work, look forward to future contributions.


Hi there,
Congrats for your efforts towards Zero Emissions! A exemple to follow…
But I have 2 technical questions:
– how long is the autonomy of the batteries at the moment?
– can you switch to the petrol engine in case of lack of battery or if you need further power (in case the Landy gets stuck for example)?
All my best for the future…

Hi Gregoire,

Thanks for your comment. With regard to your questions, the present batteries will last for around 3 – 4 hrs at a time if the vehicle is going at a top speed of 70km/h. The battery life per charge will be significantly increased if the vehicle is driven at a slower speed. The lifespan of the our current batteries is a few years. With the move to Lithium ion batteries in the future, the life span will be greatly enhanced on both accounts.

We have completely removed the engine from the vehicle, so there is no option of switching to petrol. Under the hood is a bank of batteries as well as the motor drive which is what creates the vehicle’s momentum. The vehicle has plenty of torque from the start and performs as well as our fuel powered Land Rovers over dirt, sand, riverbeds and rocky hillsides.

Thanks again for your comment and interest,



What can I say? Just impressive!

I hope the rest of the industry will follow…

In term of initial investments, do you guess this technology can be developed on a large scale? Is it a Londolozi personal project or is it run by Land Rover in association with you?

Take care,
Kind Regards from France


We also look forward to the industry following our lead. It is ultimately about the larger goal of reducing our carbon footprint. It is a personal Londolozi project that has been driven and funded through our own financing. We have worked in association with a company called Genesys who did the actual installation, etc of the electric motor drive and batteries. Whether or not Land Rover gets involved remains to be seen, however we are going to keep pioneering the project forward to where we want to take it.

I think that you will see a general trend over the next 3 years of a massive output of commercial electric vehicles worldwide. This will aid us hugely in implementing dynamic technology. Looking forward to taking you for a drive in the vehicle when you are next here.

Keep well and keep posted,



Hi Rich,

Happy New Year to all the staff at Londolozi.

How is the Zero Emissions project doing?

Are you using it full time on Game Drives? Are you planning to construct some more? Any feedback from others safari operators?

Keep well,


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