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Vomba 3:2 Female

Vomba 3:2 Female

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on Female Leopard Hunts Massive African Rock Python

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Absolutely astonishing stuff! Magnificent sighting! Do you reckon that python was busy digesting something? Because that thing is HUGE!

Kind Regards,


Hi JP, It is more likely that the snake was just starting to come out of hibernation. You’ll notice from the colour of the skin it is quite dark indicating lack of consistent sunlight. There is a chance it could have been digesting something, however pythons that long are typically matched with a similar girth. My thoughts are based on two options: firstly, the snake digested a large prey before going into hibernation and subsequently grew through the winter. This last week as the heat here has increased, the python started to move around again. Secondly, the snake might have been digesting a small prey, which would have given it a slightly larger girth. Let me know what you think.

But I agree, what an enormous python.


Great camera work of “The Leopards of Londolosi”. To remain composed and get a steady shot like this in an exciting moment, is indeed rare. Well done


Wow, that’s awesome! Amazing how fast the leopard’s jab was. That’s no small snake too.

This looks like a matter of the leopard just being a curious cat, but would a leopard or any other cat ever eat a snake?

Love your work guys.

That particular leopard has never been seen eating pythons but 3 other leopards have been viewed consuming snakes. Leopards are very versatile and opportunistic in what they eat, I think that this snake was just a little too big.

My hats off to Arlene Bonin for her calm video footage during this unusual confrontation! And Rich, you write so well that I could readily imagine the cat’s curiosity, lightening reaction and later total indifference. Flick of the tail, please. All in all one very exceptional experience. I came away grateful that there was a safe stand-off!

Thanks for the comments Joanne.
I think both leopard and python were lucky to walk/slither away unharmed, as both are dangerous creatures!!

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