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on Wild Dogs attack Honey Badgers at Londolozi

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Absolutely incredible..what a rare and groundbreaking sighting…just what I have come to know Londoz for…was this near the Notten’s boundary??

Hi Peter, the sighing took place on Dudley, fairly close to Phiva Pan. The pack has been denning there for a good couple of weeks.


Wow, awesome video. Its amazing watching wild dogs, they are cunning and sly and very vicious. Its just incredible watching them hunt. i find it very different to other animals when they hunt!


I was on the jeep that day. One of the most amazing days of my life.

wow amazing sight!

That is a dream come true! On my first visit to Londolozi in 2015, I asked Ray and Kevin if we would see a Honey Badger…. they smiled and looked at me like I was a bit daft! Great share!

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