Whilst sitting under the Jackalberry Tree in the staff village one evening, after a very creative and fun-filled day with guests, I reflected on the mind-blowing photographs that I had seen over the last couple of weeks. It made me think what a pity it is that I am one of very few staff members at Londolozi that gets to see what great photographs the guests are capturing whilst out on safari. It dawned on me, why not display some of these on the blog for everyone to see. I was puzzled as to what would be the best way to do this, when it dawned on me: a competition! A friendly one that is, where I select a couple of the best shots that I have seen over the past few weeks and you, our avid blog readers, get to select which of the pictures you believe is best.

In no particular order, here are the guest shots which I believe have really captured the amazing wildlife we see here at Londolozi over the past two months…

The Golden Hour is aptly named, both for the literal golden light that softly illuminates everything, and because of the value of being out at this time in the bush. A leopard seated in backlit grass doesn’t hurt either. Photograph by Glenn Stevens

A unique photographic opportunity presents itself as the Nanga female hopped up on a fallen log with Granite Camp visible in the background. Photograph by Glenn Stevens


Two young elephant bulls engage in some play in one of Londolozi’s waterholes. With water temperatures and levels both dropping as we approach winter, we won’t be seeing too much more of elephants immersing themselves for awhile. Photograph by Ingjerd

The Nkoveni cubs waiting patiently for their mother to return. This photograph is one of my best, as it there is beautiful light catching the back of the standing cub. Photograph by Ingjerd

Tsalala cubs perfectly positioned in between the branches of a Jackalberry tree. This shot not only caught my eye because of the natural framing of the tree, but it also shows the true playfulness of lion cubs. Photograph by Al Kaiser

A male giant kingfisher waits for a fish to rise next to the Sand River. The male of the species can be easily identified by his rufous chest, whereas the female has a rufous belly. Photograph by Al Kaiser

A tender moment between mother and calf. Elephants are highly social animals for whom tactile communication plays a vital role. Nowhere is this more evident than between cows and their young calves.Photograph by Rainer

The Xidulu young male with a young banded mongoose he had just caught. Young leopards (this male is roughly one year old) hone their hunting skills on smaller prey such as mongooses and birds before graduating to bigger prey like impala, although a year-old leopard is certainly capable of tackling animals far bigger than itself. Photograph by Mary Beth Wheeler

A southern ground hornbill silhouetted against the evening sky. These highly endangered birds are becoming more and more infrequently seen across their range, but thankfully their population in the Greater Limpopo Transfrontier Park is relatively healthy. Photograph by Mary Beth Wheeler

The Nanga female shows her sharp canines and rough tongue as she yawns. Leopards and indeed other big cats often yawn when getting active; a sign to look for when waiting patiently for them to start moving. Photograph by Rainer

With photography forming a major part of the bush experience these days, and the Londolozi studio booming, many more amazing photos I’m sure will be crossing my desk in the future. If you are interested in having your photos from Londolozi displayed on our blog, or have a story to tell please feel free to contact me at studio@londolozi.co.za.


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Photography Manager

Being someone who loves the bush, people and photography Kylie has found her way to her dream job in the Londolozi Studio. Despite completing her Humanities Degree, she felt unsatisfied and found herself drawn to doing a wildlife photography course. Being both creative ...

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Noce blog Kylie and the guest pictures are all really beautiful. Would be very difficult to pick just one – they are all good. Thanks for sharing.

Darlene Knott

These are all terrific photos, but the male giant kingfisher catches my eye! Terrific composition and clarity! Thanks for sharing.

Leslie Backus

All great shots but my favorite is the Tsalala cubs. It makes me feel as if I am in the moment.


OH, I think all the photo’s are terrific ! But the pair of leopard cubs might just be a winner !

sandra harmon

I can’t pick a best–they are all “best” in their own realm of what each highlights.

Alan Pollard

A wonderful collection of pictures. Like many others, I imagine, I am a softy for the leopard cubs and Ingjerd’s was a particularly good photograph. It sort of makes up for the fact that the cubs were first seen in the morning when we arrived at midday. Although we had six trips over the next three days, we did not manage to see the cubs. Ingjerd has my vote.

Barbara Bethke

For me the best picture is the first one GOLDEN HOUR, because of the peaceful atmosphere and wonderful light.



Jan Tanis

I love the moment caught between the mother and calf elephants. It truly is unique.


tender moment. All little ones folds that will one day be filled with flesh!


It is a pity we do not get to see all of the wonderful guest photos (although the rangers keep us well stocked!) I love the Tsalala Cubs photo!

Gillian Lacey

Golden Hour does it for me – wonderful capture of the evening atmosphere at Londolozi


All beautiful photos, but my favorite is the mother and baby elephant!


Wow! They are all awesome pics. I can’t decide between the Nkoveni or Tsalala cubs and runner up for me is the Golden hour. Well done all photographers

MJ Bradley

Hard to pick one, but I love the Nanga Female with the lodge in the back ground and the Ground Hornbill.
Thank you for sharing

Jill Larone

Wow, these are all really incredible photos but I think my favourite is the Tsalala cubs in the tree, with the Nkoveni cubs a really close 2nd. Every one of these pictures are fantastic though!

James Walker

Golden Hour is the best of an excellent number of photos!IT just captures the subtle filtered light of the low veld and makes me homesick from here in Sydney where it us freezing cold !

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