Every Londolozi game drive holds the possibility of immortalizing remarkable moments on camera.  And, with our experienced and passionate guides leading your safari experience, you will be all set to capture the images you have dreamed of. The only missing piece of the puzzle is the gear that you’ll be shooting with.

We hold the art of photography in high regard at Londolozi.

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As such, whether it is about the position of the vehicle out on safari, the expert advice you receive in order to get your perfect shot, or the gear that you are shooting with, we want to ensure that all bases are covered. With our skilled team of rangers and photographic professionals, we’ve got the first two taken care of. And, luckily, because it is our mission at the Londolozi Photographic Studio to provide you with everything you might need out in the field, you can be sure that all your gear needs will be met too.

Londolozi Creative Hub

The Londolozi Creative Hub, home to the Photographic Studio where all your photography needs are met by our expert team.

To that end (and to stay true to our pioneering spirit) we have recently launched our brand new gear rental website. Our aim is to make it incredibly easy for you to see what gear we have available to rent, to read up on the wide range of professional-grade lenses, bodies and accessories that we offer, and to book your gear in one seamless online visit. The process is so simple:

1. Browse the selection of gear available

2. Add your rental items to your cart

3. And checkout to place your order

One of our studio team members will then soon be in touch with you to confirm your order, and answer any remaining questions you may have about your upcoming wildlife photographic adventure at Londolozi.

Londolozi Photographic Gear store

A new user experience allows you to brows the gear we have available to rent, and read up about each item before you add it to your cart and checkout

If you’re in doubt as to why we think renting photographic gear while on safari with us is the best idea since sliced ciabatta, here are our top 5 reasons to visit our gear store and get renting:

1. Convenience

You shouldn’t have to choose between an extra pair of pants or your heavy photographic equipment when packing to come on safari. Gone are the days of lugging heavy camera gear throughout your international travel, or ditching your toiletries for your lens when boarding a small bush plane. Now it’s as simple as browsing our gear offering, adding the gear you want to use to your cart, and checking out to place your order. You can then step off the aircraft, light as a feather, and simply arrive at one of our five Londolozi camps, where your gear will be ready and waiting for action.

 2. Keep your Cash for a Rainy Day

Instead of shelling out large sums of money for a camera body or lens that you may only ever need on a once-off safari, rather rent a professional wildlife photography set-up purely for your visit to the bush. With our photography experts on site, you’ll be able to learn how to use your rented gear in no time, capture all the safari action you could want, and walk away with priceless wildlife moments captured forever. And this is all without the hassle of investing in gear that might sit gathering dust until your next adventure. Did we mention that you’ll then be able to fit an extra book or two into your luggage to devour during your stay while lounging on your deck, surrounded by nature?

3. Try Before you Buy

If the photography bug has bitten prior to your arrival at Londolozi and you’re looking forward to a few days on vacation to progress your passion and your skills in photography, why not use this opportunity to rent some specialized and high-end photographic gear to test out. Maybe you have been toying with the idea of investing in the next generation of body or lens or you might be on the verge of taking the plunge and broadening your collection of lenses with a large prime lens. Whatever the reason, we think this is a great opportunity to rent the gear that you are dying to try before you buy it. Whether it be Nikon, Canon, Sigma or Swarovski, we have all the options for you to test drive on your safari.

4. Dabble like a Professional

It’s our mission at the Londolozi Photography Studio to ensure that all our gear is top-quality, professional grade equipment. Whatever your preference, we have the gear quality to match in order for you to walk away with high quality photographs, in whatever testing conditions the African wilderness may throw your way. This will also ensure that any images you bring to the photography studio for editing and printing onto wide-format canvas, will be of a high quality.

5. Gear for the Last-Minute Traveler

We understand that planning your safari, in and amongst your busy day-to-day life, can be chaotic at the best of times. This may mean that you find yourself standing on the deck, welcome drink in hand, suddenly left wanting for the right wildlife photography gear to capture a close-up of a leopard in a tree, a fish eagle in flight or zebras grooming one another. Instead of the risk of missing those once-in-a-lifetime moments, you can speak to your camp manager on arrival to see what gear we have available on site for you to rent for your stay. No pre-planning involved- just phenomenal wildlife photography shots to take home as the ultimate souvenir.

We look forward to being a part of your photographic safari adventure in the near future!

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