“Come quickly, I am drinking the stars!” – Dom Pérignon (monk)

Dom Perignon and Londolozi Game Reserve are both defined by the love and magic that occurs in an act of co-creation with nature

Both of these Maisons are at their core artists of experience. Now, for the first time ever Dom Perignon invited a select few to sit under the gallery of the vast African sky to share in “drinking the stars”. The intense, vibrant and precise taste of the vintage P2 sipped in the untamed wilderness of Londolozi is a compliment of rare and powerful resonance.  A harmony between man and nature, Europe and Africa realized in a single magical African night.



As many of you know, the root of the word Londolozi is the Zulu word for protect and means “protector of all living things” and we believe that nature is the greatest artist.  To showcase her work and allow a space where the gallery of nature can be enjoyed, felt and breathed is always at the top of our minds.  So when Dom Perignon approached us with the concept of the Power of Creation to showcase their new P2 Vintage Champagne, we were fascinated to see where the journey would take us…


At Dom Pérignon, we believe in the power of creation and we believe in Vintage only – only in exceptional years do we release a Dom Pérignon Vintage. Nature plays a significant role in the creation of our wines. Only the best grapes, from the best vineyards and from nature’s best years are used  … and this celebration and deep respect for nature is where I see the powerful synergy between Londolozi and Dom Pérignon,“ comments Pascal Asin, Moët Hennessy Managing Director for Africa and Middle East.

Pioneer Camp Arrival Lounge



Like Dom Perignon, Londolozi also believes in sharing experiences that last a lifetime.  “We’re committed to going beyond what is expected. For the wildlife photographer. For the star-gazer. For the birder. For those people looking for a deeper connection with nature,says owner and co-founder Shan Varty.

Starry Night02

Energy at its peak in a land of constant evolution

The wild expanse of the Sabi Sand Game Reserve served to perfectly illuminate the energetic singularity of Dom Pérignon P2. Mysterious and intriguing, magnetic and vibrant, the land and the game that call it home are in perpetual movement. The mark of time is etched everywhere throughout its nature. Though it may at times appear calm, the land is feverishly at work below the surface. Its energy surges forth in thrilling spectacles and bursts: herds of stampeding animals, rumbling rivers, thunderous storms and migrations that contribute to the land’s ongoing evolution.

Londolozi, here I come!

We at Londolozi were honoured to be able to host this special occasion with our friends at Dom Perignon.  If you get the opportunity to experience the Dom Perignon P2, we highly recommend that you give it a try as it truly is the closest thing you will get to drinking the stars…

Written and Filmed By Rich Laburn, Online Marketing Manager

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on How to Drink the African Stars

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Jeff Rodgers

Beautifully written and what an amazement experience.

Nelson Lees

Rich, we are in awe of the production value of this piece; uplifting, yet somehow humbling at the same time. Nature is, indeed, the greatest artist, and the Varty family has shown us all how to both celebrate and show deep respect for nature. It may seem to many to be a stroke of genius for Moët Hennessy to have chosen Londolozi to showcase their new P2 Vintage Champagne, but to those of us who have experienced the magic of Londolozi, it came as no surprise. Anna & I will be taking delivery of a bottle December 11, “drinking the stars” with Jess & Sheila in Los Cabos, Mexico over the holidays, and reminiscing about the warm embrace of Londolozi. Again, excellent work, and Happy Holidays to all our friends at Londolozi from the president of the Cincinnati area’s Londolozi Fan Club. Cheers, Nelson

Michael & Terri Klauber

Well done team Londolozi! Love the video, set-up and of course, the bubbly!

marinda drake

Awesome blog. Great video!

Karin Mac

What a beautiful production. I too want to drink the stars.

Jill Grady

Beautiful video Rich and great blog!

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