White balance. It’s a word that we fling around as photographers, but might not always understand. In today’s video tutorial, I’ll take you through the definition of white balance, how it works and how you can customise your photos- both in-camera and in Lightroom.

Remember that, as with everything in photography, white balance has everything to do with the quality of light. By being aware of the available light, and what type of light it is, you’ll get better and better at pre-planning your shots, and getting the best results.

As promised last time, these next few tutorials are going to segment the develop module in Lightroom, breaking down each section so that you understand what each tool does. Then I’ll start to build back up to some more advanced editing techniques.

Did you learn something new about white balance? Let me know in the comments below!


Written and Produced by Amanda Ritchie- Photography Studio Manager

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on Lightroom Tutorial 2: What Is White Balance?
    Michael Klauber says:

    Beautifully done Amanda – excellent tutorial! Great to hear your voice too! Best always, Michael & Terri

    Amanda Ritchie says:

    Thanks Michael πŸ™‚ Glad you enjoyed it! Much love to you and Terri.

    Jill Grady says:

    Great informative tutorial Amanda! I found it very helpful. I also never tire of seeing your fantastic images and especially love the Zebra….beautiful golden light on that one. Thanks again and I’ll keep practising. I can’t wait until I am able to return to Londolozi, and hopefully get to meet you and have you help me with my photographs!

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