“We are the first generation to feel the impact of climate change and the last generation that can do something about it” – Barrack Obama

It is almost that time of year again. The time where we come together as people in a collective display of our commitment to creating a better planet. Because that is what Earth Hour is truly about. Yes, we turn off power between 8:30 -9:30 pm local time and we invite you to do the same, but it goes far beyond that. As a global movement, it has grown in momentum from its conception in 2007. With over 163 countries, 7000 cities and a multitude of prominent buildings and sites ‘switching off’, Earth Hour 2015 is up for big impact.

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Inspired the beauty of the African night skies. Photograph by: Michael Sutherland


An infographic looking at some statistics and projects Earth Hour has inspired

Tom has recently given an insightful look into some of the consequences we are witnessing here at Londolozi due to changes in climate and weather cycles. And in line with our recent Challenge for 2015 and commitment towards a more sustainable future it seems only apt to plunge full steam ahead with another innovative and exciting Earth Hour.

Last year we invited our readers to indulge in a candlelit Londolozi styled dinner to celebrate Earth Hour. This year we are creating a greater Earth Hour campaign and we need your help to make this possible. To join the movement for greater change, here is how:

1. Switch off power between 8:30 – 9:30 local time (for more information on Earth Hour) on the 28th March

2. Show us your creativity, Instagram, Tweet or Facebook pictures or video of :

Your Earth Hour Celebration whether it is a dinner, stargazing, jam session or meditation – get innovative with your photos with long exposures and painting with light, here are some ideas.

‘Beyond 60 minutes’ Earth Hour organisers are pushing boundaries in climate change awareness and development. As important as the Earth Hour 60 minute power down is, we want to inspire change on a daily basis through individual action. Creating a movement of change and sharing ideas on how to do so is paramount for a new collective consciousness. Share pictures and ideas of what you are doing to curb climate change, whether it be veggies from your own garden, innovative ways to cut down on electricity and water, car pooling, using public transport or switching to alternative energy sources.

3. Use the following three hash tags with each picture to join the movement: #PoweredbyNature #Londolozi #YourPower (official Earth Hour Hashtag)

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on Are You Ready for Earth Hour 2015? #PoweredbyNature

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Marinda Drake

Great blog Andrea. It is really is up to us to !make a difference. We have got one earth and one chance to save it.

Wendy Hawkins

Oh Yes Andrea, I have a reminder in my phone, in fact I love sitting in the dark & turn lights off for nearly 3 hours. I can only imagine how beautiful the bush is in the dark as you have the sounds to enjoy.

Rich Laburn

Thanks Andrea, looking forward to Earth Hour 2015

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