“This is arguably one of the biggest problems in the world”

“Really?  How much of a problem can seafood be?” I thought to myself whilst beginning to watch ‘The End of the Line’, a brand new documentary written by British journalist Charles Clover.

Well it turns out quite a significant one….After seeing a sneak preview of this new film my eyes were swiftly awakened to the global issue of the steadily demising seafood industry.  What really made the doccie stand out however, was that by the end of it I truly agree that this is indeed arguably one of the biggest problems in the world.

Charles Clover was recently with us at Londolozi and believes that turning this problem around is possible with individual action: “As consumers we have the power to bring about a positive change at sea by demanding to know where our fish comes from, how it was caught and whether it is endangered.  Knowledge is power and what knowledge gives you is the opportunity to change the way you that you do things, to change the way you behave.”

This much is true at sea as it is on land.  As Dave Varty has said ‘The age of restoration will be born from the age of information” and with this information comes choice through which to channel your actions.  There are many more individuals and organisations like Charles who are actively striving to live with greater sustainability and reverence for the planet.  We are one of those organisations and our passion for implementing sustainability extends to both land and sea.

As such we would actively like to encourage you to go and watch this documentary whether you are in South Africa or in your own country.   It is profoundly interesting and will give you even more reason to live sustainably.  I would also like to encourage you to post examples in the comments below of how you have implemented sustainable living in your own life in any form.  I can humbly say that we have begun the journey here at Londolozi but still have a long way to go and are always looking for new ideas….

The End of the Line

The End of the Line

For South Africa citizens, The End of the Line will be released in South Africa on the 22nd October at Nu Metro and Ster Kinekor cinemas in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and Pretoria.

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