The Londolozi Story

Londolozi’s powerful combination of geography and wildlife creates the famous atmosphere that returning guests call the ‘Londolozi feeling’.

The five camps are situated on the Sand River in the very heart of the Sabi Sand Game Reserve. This reserve forms part of the Greater Limpopo Transfrontier Park, a growing area that currently covers six million acres and incorporates the famous Kruger National Park. Wild animals move freely across this vast space, offering spectacular game viewing and a true wilderness experience.

Breeding herds of elephant and buffalo roam throughout Londolozi, while white rhino and lion concentrations are among the highest recorded on the African continent. Yet it’s the leopards of Londolozi that make us world famous for wildlife, and lie at the heart of the Londolozi feeling. Over the course of more than four decades, a unique relationship has developed between our rangers and trackers and generations of wild leopards. Intimate leopard sightings are frequent here, an experience that our guests agree is a pinnacle life experience.

We believe in safari as a journey that immerses the senses and awakens the spirit. To have an encounter with wild animals in the African bush is to discover an essential truth about ourselves and our world. For all of us who live the Londolozi feeling, our deepest wish is to give you the chance to experience this for yourself.

Our Values

The Varty family values infuse every aspect of Londolozi’s service: our personal approach, commitment to conservation, the ambience of simplicity and elegance, and the warm welcome guests receive on arrival.

We are a socially, economically and environmentally responsible business, representing the life’s work of a family-owned and run operation built on solid foundations and almost a century of exploring new frontiers, exceeding expectations, and welcoming all who cross our threshold.

True to its name, Londolozi has become a place that kindles the aspiration for a better collective future. It represents the dream of a planet abounding in open spaces, where wild animals and people live together in dignity and harmony.

The Londolozi Intentions

“During my long walk to freedom, I had the rare privilege to visit Londolozi. There I saw people of all races living in harmony amidst the beauty that mother nature offers. There I saw a living lion in the wild. Londolozi represents a model of the dream I cherish for the future of nature preservation in our country”

– Nelson Mandela

Londolozi is the original premier Big Five photographic safari destination in South Africa which has always been a model for social upliftment, conservation and land restoration in the country. As the model continues to evolve from its origins as a for-profit conservation development model in the mid-1970s to a blueprint for conservation in the Mandela government of the 1990s to where it is today representing a modern-day social enterprise. Its values of caring for the land, the people and the wildlife remain unchanged.

We firmly believe that our reserve is part of a larger movement towards a global village mentality, towards human integration with the natural world, and towards the creation of new systems for living. It is our vision over the next decade to establish Londolozi as a force for good in the world, with intentions to:

  • Redefine the essence of safari in Africa by creating your home in the bush where you can reconnect with nature, your family, friends and yourself.
  • Continue to be of service
  • Pioneer new systems for living in harmony with each other and the earth
  • Preserve Londolozi as a safe haven for rhino and all other wildlife
  • Advance the mission of the Good Work Foundation by enabling access to digital, environmental, emotional and English literacy  across rural South Africa
  • Preserving ancient indigenous knowledge and the promotion of heritage history
  • Promote, as a blueprint for conservation and land restoration, an integrated approach to by ensuring land and river protection, community upliftment and economic benefits to regional economies
  • Promote the Economy of Wildlife in alignment with South Africa’s national economic development agenda
  • Capacitate young entrepreneurs to become economically integrated and sustainable into the cloud and supply chain Economy of Wildlife

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