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The People Make the Place

When you travel to a country for the first time there are many things that will take your breath away, the history, the culture, amazing scenery and food but there are few things that will forever remain with you and make you want to return. There is no shortage of adjectives that can be used […]

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Bobbi Brown’s Open Letter to Londolozi and Beyond

If you know who Bobbi Brown is, you might know of the exceptional story of an unflagging woman who started as a make-up artist, and – slowly but surely – built one of the biggest and most well known cosmetic companies in the US, her big break created by a famously made-up Naomi Campbell on the […]

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10 of our Best Londolozi Photographs

On a sand bank, no ordinary sand bank, but one in the middle of the Sand River at Londolozi in the Sabi Sands. There could not, would not, and cannot have been a more perfect place to celebrate our friend’s belated birthday, and get around to naming our god-son or to simply pass the time […]

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Pride and Tom in their element.
8 ‘Little People’ Photos That Will Make You Smile

Sometimes photos say it best. One Londolozi guest recently arrived with the usual: binoculars, bird-book, camera, bug spray, and plenty of back up storage cards for all the photos. But another two full suitcases had us confused. Was this guest staying longer than we thought? Nope. The two extra bags were full of educational games […]

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An African Family Safari Experience

I have just arrived home from photographing a Group at Londolozi who took out the entire lodge who were on an African Family Safari Experience. It was a wonderful experience and I’m very grateful for the opportunity to do so. I could write for pages on what we saw and the stories around the sightings but […]

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The Croc and the Terrapin

After six fascinating days of various exciting Big Five (and more) sightings at Londolozi, Teri and I were sad to be preparing to leave back home. While saying our goodbyes around the lunch area at Founders camp, we took a last peek at the beautiful bush landscape and saw an odd occurrence of a croc happily […]

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Three Amazing Sightings

Leopard, lion, rhino, cheetah, elephant and buffalo…  these are just a few of the many animals that visitor Gerard Cappello got to see during his five day stay at Londolozi. Being an avid photographer, and in the company of guide Talley Smith, Gerard was able to capture reels of beautiful photographs. Below are three of […]

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Our Bushveld Immersion – Part 1

Phil and Dawn Judd are no strangers to Africa. Living in England, they first visited Londolozi in early 2012 and have returned at least six times since their initial visit. Earlier this year we featured Phil’s images on our blog, and with their return to us in July, we have had the pleasure of once […]

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An Interview with Bronwyn Varty

Jacada Travel speaks to Bronwyn Varty of Londolozi  about gaining a deeper reverence for wildlife, connecting with the local Shangaan people and Nelson Mandela’s visits to the property. On the banks of the Sand River at the edge of Kruger National Park, the proudly family-run property Londolozi Reserve, is renowned for its resident leopards and sightings of […]

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The Great Hunter

On our very first morning at Londolozi we met our very excited ranger, Mike Karantonis, and tracker Shadrack Mkabela, at our vehicle at 05.40 am. They had both heard lions roaring near the river. We drove to the causeway and turned right. After a few moments we found three adult female lions and four cubs […]

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A Kill And A Steal

I am still reeling from the drama that had unfolded in front of my eyes a few mornings ago. Our tracker had spotted a lone leopard (which our ranger later identified as Dudley Riverbank 5:5) in the midst of our early morning drive. We approached it slowly but just as our truck was about to […]

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A Wee Tired Elephant

This blog is dedicated to one small elephant, only a few months old, whom we had the privilege of viewing late in the afternoon while on safari at Londolozi Private Game Reserve. This whole story played out in front of us in just a matter of fifteen minutes. It is this type of experience that […]

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An Interview with ranger Tom Imrie

It purely was by accident that Tom Imrie became a ranger, after he and his wife, who is the head ranger at Londolozi, changed their careers for an outdoors life and trained to become guides, before they were subsequently, somewhat dauntingly, posted to Londolozi. Now, the challenge of working at this esteemed reserve seems to […]

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An Interview with Cry Sithole of Londolozi Tree Camp

Following in his mother’s footsteps, Sithole began his work-life at Londolozi, initially as a butler, before working his way up to the role of camp manager at Londolozi’s Tree Camp, one of five luxe hideaways situated on the reserve. With only six elegant suites, guests get a remarkably intimate experience. Travellers understandably become spellbound by […]

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How a visit to Londolozi inspired me

It has always a dream of mine to visit Londolozi. When someone mentions a private game reserve it’s always the first name that comes to mind. So when my mom received a trip for two as a birthday gift from a client, I was ecstatic! I could not wait for the time to finally arrive. […]

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A black and white portrait of the young female. Simon Smit
A Newfound Respect For The Bush

There is something magical about going on safari – there is a welcomed quietness that gives you an urge to sit under a tree and write a poem. Now, if you have never been on a safari, you may laugh, you may think I am mad, but it is so true. I have been going […]

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Londolozi offers out-of-the-box family and multi-generational travel

One of South Africa’s premier safari destinations – Londolozi Private Game Reserve – has taken the concept of “family travel” out of its traditional box. In fact, their approach to innovative and engaging family travel includes a recently released iBook: Junior Big Five Tracker, produced especially for younger family members set to visit the five-star […]

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A Rockstar, a Sanctuary and a Boma

In 2009 at the age of 73, to the delight and surprise of her fans, Tina Turner announced that she would embark on one last tour. The excitement I felt was almost immediately deflated by a second press release – South Africa was not a destination on her ‘world’ tour (the inverted commas give a […]

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A Male Leopard hunts Warthogs

As guides we are often asked about our excursions into the bush,  how many kills we have seen or if we could choose one moment that stood out above all the rest?  To be honest, it is very difficult to choose just one as they have all been amazing in their own way. There is […]

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Honeymoon at the Private Granite Suites
The 10 most romantic places

In the eyes of Green Global Travel, we make the top 10 most romantic places that they have ever stayed! Written by Bret Love and Mary Gabbett, this is what they had to say: When some people hear that we’re into ecotourism, they assume we’re sleeping in tents, using composting toilets, and volunteering on organic farms. All […]

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Andrea´s first safari experience

Andrea Goldschmidt stayed with us in Founders Camp from the 25th–28th of December and drove with Nstako as their ranger and Robert as their tracker. Using a Canon 60D with a 100-400mm she managed to capture some beautiful shots! Some of the highlights of her time with us was being able to get so close to the […]

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Bobbi Brown’s Amazing Adventure in South Africa

So happy to have makeup guru Bobbi Brown on Hotel Chic today! I’ve worked as Bobbi’s co-author on two books (the latest, Everything Eyes launches next month). Bobbi could not be cooler or nicer to work with. (this interview we did for Refinery29 totally captures who she is, plus her love of motorcycle boots, Jay-Z, and tequila). Bobbi recently went on a […]

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Different angles to photograph a Leopard

Estelle, Chris and Ashlee Wilks visited us for four nights at the end of January. They had a few days of rain but this didn’t stop them from going out on all their safaris and they had a wonderful time with Trev and Like out in the bush with some fantastic sightings. Estelle visited the […]

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7 days in the Creative Hub

While Phil and Dawn Judd were at Londolozi in December they visited our Creative Hub on a daily basis. We set up the Londolozi Creative Hub in order to provide our guests with a space in which to share images, post process photographs and simply, get creative with us! I was in awe of the […]

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The Soul of Safari

From the moment we landed on the tiny airstrip in the middle of the bush and stepped out of our tiny plane, I knew we had entered a particularly special place. The mornings were the most peaceful — sitting quietly in the shade of a large tree as the dreamiest, soft golden light (oh, that […]

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My Perfect Day

My perfect day is set in the heart of the African bush in the private game reserve of Londolozi located in South Africa. We are awakened at 5:30am and my brother and I make our way down to the Main lodge. We are welcomed by Wayland, a charismatic staff member who answers every guest request […]

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The Wild Side of South Africa

“Are you comfortable guys?” “Yeh we’re cool Greg!” we both answered as the rotors picked up to lift off pace! Then with a quick move of the stick we lifted off the ground at Kruger Airport bound for the bush! For our 5th wedding anniversary I wanted to surprise Audrey with not only a trip […]

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How the Bushveld looks in summer

I was fortunate enough to spend a day in the creative hub with a wonderful honeymoon couple about a week ago. With the intention of a quick editing and printing session, they walked away after about three hours having shared, edited and printed some of the below photographs. Mayank was using a Canon 5D Mach […]

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Mother and Cub Reunion

Sue and Lee Flischel visited Londolozi recently and spent a marvellous few days at Tree Camp with ranger James Tyrrell and tracker Mike Sithole. Sue recounts some of their trip highlights for us: Safaris come in different shapes and sizes. We started our holiday with what we call a “wine” safari! We flew to Cape […]

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Letters from Londolozi

Monday I’ve never been so intrigued by the sex lives of animals as to gawk at the television when David Attenborough is narrating mammalian copulation, but TV is quite a different matter than sitting ten feet away from a grown male lion as he impregnates one of the lionesses in his pride, with a growl. […]

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A Leopard Cub Kill

It is possibly one of the most important lessons one can learn as a photographer, especially one that is interested or focussed on wildlife. Always be ready for the shot. When you sit in the car park waiting for game drive to leave, ensure your settings are correct, ensure the ISO is right, f-stops are […]

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Unusual Visitors

Guests often ask me if I’ve had any unusual visitors. We’ve had our share but most of them will have slipped in and out of Londolozi without drawing too much attention to themselves. I’m ok at recognising people like actresses and world leaders but only because of the context in which they appear like films […]

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Three generations – from “grandpa” Bob all the way down to junior school student, Kadin – of the Harris family drove out to Hazyview Digital Learning Centre from Londolozi late last week. Accompanied by “Gogo” Mo (who is the Good Work Foundation Coordinator at Londolozi), Ranger Don, and Emma from Londolozi’s Cub’s Den, the family from California […]

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Kika’s collection

I am sure I speak for most staff at Londolozi but getting back from leave is always an exciting prospect for me. It involves catching up with your Londolozi family, finding out what has been happening in the field and being filled in on all that has happened in the lodge. On the 21st of […]

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The South African Safari Begins

After a few long flight and two night in Joburg we were finally on our way to Londolozi. Londolozi, located just west of Kruger National Park, is famous for it’s leopards. And that’s what we came to see. In our previous trip to Kenya we were shut out. No leopards. We wanted to see leopards […]

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Marianna Gdanis

Marianna Gdanis and Alan Griffiths were with us again recently and I am sure you will remember their last post, highlights of safari, and be please to know that Marianna is sharing her pictures from their most recent visit with us! After some amazing sightings such as the Tsalala pride with their cubs, watching the male cheetah on […]

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The Robinsons

Sean, Kelly, James (aged 11) and Luke (aged 8) Robinson graced us with their presence at Londolozi yet again last month and we were very happy to have them with us for what was close to their tenth time. Since we have known him, Sean has had a deep passion for photography and we have […]

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A Little Something Artistic

We stayed at Varty Camp on September 15th and 16th. We had an extraordinary experience. I made a short video of some of the things we saw and posted it on Vimeo: My husband, Peter, is a painter and he did some watercolor portraits of our Guide and our tracker. Here they are: Filmed by […]

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Jane Wood on safari

Jane and Chris Wood have been to Londolozi over 5 times since 2010 and we absolutely love having them as much as they enjoy coming! Only having featured once on the Londolozi blog in the form of a short video we thought is was about time that we showed some of Jane’s wonderful pictures from their […]

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A Search for Leopards

In 2008 my wife and I spent 30 days visiting four different countries in Africa. We came home with about 5,000 photos of virtually every animal and bird imaginable….except a Leopard. I immediately started searching online to find where the most Leopards live and when was the best time to photograph them. My research led […]

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Another three nights on safari

Besides golf, no hobby is more inspiring and enjoyable for me than photography. And no form of photography is more inspiring and enjoyable than wildlife photography on safari in Africa. And no place is better for that than Londolozi. Last month, I visited Londolozi for the second time; you can read my blog post from […]

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The Swaintek’s on safari

Tree Camp guests, Beth and Tom Swaintek share with us their wonderful safari highlights from their four night stay. They did not let the unfortunate event of the early rains spoil their trip and without a moment of question, they were out on every single drive. This worked very much in their favour and with […]

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Charlotte on safari

Second time to Londolozi and Charlotte Cornett was on a mission to get some top photographs to go home with. Being some of the first guests to rent photographic equipment from us since we have launched this new service, she was determined to get some great shots and she did! With ranger Rich Burman and […]

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Safari Highlights from Varty Camp

Recent Londolozi guests, Andrew and Natasha Osborne spent three nights with us at Varty Camp and were kind enough to share some of their amazing pictures with us. I was fortunate enough to go on game drive with them on their first afternoon and we had a wonderful time talking all about the ins and […]

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Third time just as lucky

After two visits and two wonderful blog posts within a year, it only made sense to do another post showcasing more of Anthony Goldman’s fantastic pictures of his most recent, third visit to Londolozi! His next visit for May next year is already booked and we cannot wait to see more, until then, enjoy these… Photographed […]

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Camp Pan Chases Dudley Cub

We hadn’t seen Wild Dogs on the property in a week or so, but with the pack of 9 currently denning in the Western Sector of the Sabi Sands, we knew that to have a chance of finding these elusive animals, we would have to have a gamble at finding a different pack of 8 […]

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