Safari Mornings

Before the sun rises every morning, we were awakened by a knock on the door where we rose for a light breakfast of oatmeal (with scotch if you prefer), the sun slowly waking up on the earth. We loaded up into our safari vehicles with hot water bottles, plaid wool blankets and, if you’re me, […]

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Our Great Adventure

I didn’t know what to expect when we set out for South Africa. To be honest, I was quite nervous and very skeptical of the romantic aspect that had been advertised; this was our honeymoon after all. I’ve never been that far from home and although I had been to northern Africa and the Middle East, this was […]

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The Tsalala Saga – An Update

Last week we released a post on the Tsalala Pride and their tree-climbing efforts in the attempt to rob the Ximpalapala young female leopard of a kill. This week the news broke of the sad demise of the Older Tailless lioness. While filming her attempts at tree climbing only a short while ago, I did […]

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My first leopard sighting

Londolozi is well known for the number of leopards they have living within the bounds of the property, and I was lucky enough to see three of them during my visit.  They were elusive at first though, and it wasn’t until our third afternoon game drive that we finally saw our first leopard; the lions […]

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THUMB (1 of 1)
Lion cubs crossing the Sand River

It is a known fact that cats, in general, are not big fans of water. This is even more so in the wild as, generally speaking, water is an incredibly dangerous place for an animal of any kind to be around, as they have the fear of what may be lurking in the darkness. So, […]

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Highlights of Safari

Long time Londolozi guests and our loyal ambassadors, Marianna Gdanis and Alan Griffiths, share their stunning photographic highlights from a recent trip to Londolozi Pioneer Camp. Having seen the Sparta Pride on a wildebeest kill, the Manghen pride make an impala kill and a variety of leopards including the Camp Pan Male and the Tamboti […]

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The Eldridge’s on Safari

Fred and Cathleen Eldridge stayed with us last month and, after receiving only one or two of Fred’s pictures via Facebook, I knew that we needed more to share with you all on the blog! They enjoyed a private vehicle with ranger Jess Boon and tracker, Jeff Mhlongo and by the looks of things, they […]

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Lions vs Buffalo

The Sparta pride were found snoozing under the shade of a Jackalberry tree in the Dudley Riverbank area. A large herd of buffalo was grazing nearby. As the sun dropped and the evening approached, yawns and stretching from the pride signaled their intentions to move. They lost no time in heading straight for the buffalo. […]

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Lessons learned in Africa

Summer is often the time for vacations, that necessary time to just be, and not just do, which I personally find very hard. It was almost a year ago when I committed to go on a trip to Africa, my first, to celebrate a dear friend’s birthday. There would be a large group of us […]

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Three nights at Londolozi

Our recent guest, Mitch Wolf, has a great eye for photography and so when he offered to share his pictures with us on the blog I was, needless to say, ecstatic! I hope you all enjoy them as much as I did… Photographed by Mitch Wolf – Londolozi guest

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I dream of Africa

I just came back from my looooooong-anticipated two-week bucket list trip to Africa, and am having a hard time getting back to “real life.” Michael and I spent a wondrous week glamping in Botswana and Zimbabwe, and then a night in Johannesburg before heading off to Martha Beck’s amazing African STAR Retreat at Londolozi. The […]

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A Home at Tree Camp

I have tried again and again to come up with a day-to-day account of our stay, or to summarize by game drive, but nothing could do it justice. I have an easy time of talking to people about aspects of the trip, of individual and unique moments we experienced, like lion cubs playing on a […]

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The Camp Pan Male still has it!

The argument as to which male leopard is most deserving of the ‘greatest leopard ever’ title has been ongoing for many years now within the ranging team at Londolozi. Some of the more recent additions to the team are in awe of the brawny Marthly male and his prowess as a fighter, while others are of […]

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Life Through a Lens

Marcus & Kate Westberg are a freelance writer-photographer team, who recently spent two years in Africa covering conservation and travel stories for Planning a trip to South Africa is far from easy; it is a large country, and around every corner there is a reel-stopping highlight waiting to be discovered. But there was one […]

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A lucky shot

Londolozi guest, David Fedonczak, came to Londolozi with his family and I had the great pleasure of meeting them in the Boma last week. I knew that David was an avid follower of our blog and had been for a few months, so it obviously excited me to get onto the topic! When I asked […]

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Four days at Londolozi

It is common for guests to request specific rangers on a return visit to Londolozi. So we were not surprised when Sheena and Peter Insull requested ranger Byron Serrao and tracker Judas Ngobene for their second visit to Londolozi.  What we were surprised about and found incredibly amusing, was when they got off the airplane […]

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Take three

Surprises in store for every guest – first time or veteran bush junkie, three friends give us their take on Londolozi… Most of you will remember Jolynne’s wonderful account of her first week of her two week stay at Londolozi, Christmas in May. Well, she decided to get some friends involved in blog writing and […]

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Martial Eagle hunts Klipspringer

Martial Eagles are the largest eagles at Londolozi. Masters of the skies, these enormous birds are incredible hunters, able to take down prey as large as monkeys and impala lambs. Whether it be a leopard, lion, people or martial eagle however, experience is often the key factor in determining success. Hunting opportunities missed, mistakes made […]

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The Wild Dogs of Londolozi

Now “The Wild Dogs of Londolozi” join the long-famous “Leopards of Londolozi.” By the third day of our Londolozi visit we’d seen two packs of the highly endangered African wild dog – for an amazing total of 27 dogs! The first spot, a pack of nine, was very vocal, whining and crying and constantly on […]

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Wild Dog Bites Hyena

For a number of days a pack of wild dogs had been seen around the Ximpalapala clearings. One day 5 dogs would be seen, the next 4, the next 6. Our hopes were raised that the dogs may have been denning somewhere in the vicinity, but it wasn’t long before we realised that the regular […]

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Tamboti Female Leopard and Cubs

After many apparently unsuccessful mating attempts with the Maxabene 3:2, Camp Pan and 5:5 males, the Tamboti female finally gave birth to a litter of two in late February or early March of this year. Initially stashing the cubs in a large termite mound under a dead leadwood tree off Rooystens Rd, it wasn’t long […]

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Christmas in May

It’s Christmas in May and filled with anticipation I wait impatiently for 6:00 and the first game drive of the day. Be it a giraffe in the grey mist or lions in the golden rays of first light, a Londolozi morning never disappoints. The unmistakeable roar throughout the early morning hours meant just one thing […]

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A ‘Family’ Affair

After an evening in the wine cellar with many a bottle of a wine, some great food, conversation and a few staff members, John Rhodes words were, ‘it was like being with family’. I always find it such a treat to reconnect with guests that I have previously looked after and last month was no […]

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A Buffalo Birth

Anders Westermann is a repeat guest to Londolozi and I was fortunate enough to have met him during his last stay with us in April. In my new role on the blog team, I always have my ear close to the ground in order to get new and interesting footage from guests and rangers. This […]

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Life’s Photographic Moments

Wildlife and photography go together like peas and carrots.  It just works. This is the reason that a vast majority of  guides either have a serious interest in photography or at the very least develop a keen interest the more time they spend in the field. But have you ever thought about the trackers? Have […]

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Anthony Goldman at Londolozi

Anthony Goldman recently returned to Londolozi and is coming back again in August this year. Once the bug bites, it bites hard! Driving with ranger Alfie Mathebula and tracker Bennet Mathonsi on his most recent visit, Anthony was placed in some wonderful positions to capture what he saw on camera. Leopards with cubs, lions and […]

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Close Encounters of the Spotted Variety

Sunday morning’s game drive was so spectacular, we couldn’t expect it could be topped. Boy were we wrong!  We mustered at the truck at 4:30 following afternoon tea. Michael and I were seated on the top seats of the vehicle, with what I think are the best panoramic views.   Our first sighting was the […]

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It’s Dark at 5:00 am

When you turn out the lights in the African bush it is very dark! We couldn’t even see our hands in front of our faces. And it’s still dark at 5:00 a.m. when you get the knock on the door accompanied by juice, coffee, fruit and yoghurt. Bleary-eyed, we stumbled to the bathroom, pulled ourselves […]

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In and Out of Africa

A one hour drive from Franschhoek, a two hour wait at the Cape Town airport, a two and a half hour flight to Nelspruit (Kruger National Park), a one hour drive on hard top and a one hour drive on a dirt road, but we finally arrived at Londolozi, our first safari stop, located in the […]

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The Rose’s on Safari

Stuart and Michelle Rose recently stayed in Tree Camp and I was fortunate enough to bump into them while they were on their village walk with Linah. We got chatting and I was able to view some of Stuart’s photographs that he had taken that morning on game drive with Dean Smithyman and Elmon Mhlongo. […]

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Rumble in the Bush

We are just back from a “cannot find the words to do it justice” 6 day trip to Pioneer Camp where the wildlife experiences we enjoyed thanks to our ranger Richie Ferrier and tracker Ox were outstanding. On our second day , after a first day encounter with all the Majingalane coalition , we sat […]

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Mashaba Evades the Majingilane

Two of the Majingilane coalition were sleeping on Fluffies Clearing. It was a relatively cool evening, so we expected a bit of movement from them early on, around sunset. On hot summer’s nights they will sometimes only get active at 10 or 11pm, but the weather on this particular evening was in our favour. Ranger […]

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Amazing Londolozi Safari Experience

I have to tell you it was a life-changing experience. The incredible guides, the stunning location, and the amazing assortment of animals combined to make this a trip of a lifetime. I cannot recommend Londolozi strong enough – a truly amazing staff, fantastic rooms and great food should put this game preserve at the top […]

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The Week in Pictures # 63

Our regular Week in Pictures photographer, Talley Smith, has been on a break for the last few weeks and hence we thought it was only fitting to ask her father to present us with a post in her absence.  Henry Smith is a regular visitor to Londolozi and an outstanding photographer as you will see […]

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In a matter of minutes the calf is able to walk.  Its strength grows by the minute as it begins to get a feel for its body and precocial muscular ability – Lucien Beaumont
Two Wildebeest Give Birth Together

My two favorite months of the year in the bush are November and December. The rains have arrived and life has sprung. It seems to be a race for survival for every species at Londolozi at this time of the year. The birds are breeding and making the most of the bounty of fruit, seeds […]

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The Thrill of Londolozi

Come for the Leopards stay for the Lions and all the other amazing wildlife and people you will meet during your stay at Londolozi. This was my second visit of what I am hoping to be a yearly tradition. It is not just the leopards but the tracking and the hunt to find them. I […]

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Three Leopards Mating Together

One of the greatest things about going on safari is the element of surprise, something unexpected is bound to occur, nothing other than a good time (full of surprises) is expected! Guides are addicted to this element of surprise and spend many hours researching various aspects of the environment to arm themselves with the skills […]

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New Life in the Bush: A Fragile Thing

Leopards are difficult animals to track. They tread lightly, often leaving only faint signs of their passing in even the finest of dust. Secretive by nature, favouring drainage lines and thickets in which to move around, trying to find them can be a frustrating endeavour! One of the many wonderful things about Londolozi Game Reserve, […]

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Neil had setup a mooring the night prior only to discover that a large Tiger Shark had caught itself up in the wires connecting the buoy to the anchor.
The Bermuda Shark Project

In early 2010, the harmonica wielding Neil Burnie strolled into the Londolozi Blog office and, quite randomly, started playing for me in between waxing lyrical about a Tiger Shark project he was pioneering back home in Bermuda. Little did I know that 2 short years later I would find myself 15 miles offshore the island […]

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Tracking Leopards at Londolozi

Join Boyd Matson from National Geographic Weekend as he interviews our very own ranger Helen Young on tracking leopards at Londolozi. Boyd is a renowned traveller, writer and radio show host who has been contributing stories to Nat Geo for many years. The full radio interview appeared on National Geographic Weekend in the USA. Enjoy!

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Brown snake eagle
A Guest’s Report

It’s always great to hear from guests that are keen to share their experience at Londolozi and it’s even better when they have fantastic photographs to accompany their write up! Tony Goldman, who has been following and commenting on our blog for some time now, recently visited Londolozi and managed to capture some great shots, […]

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Esperanza posing

It looks like we have finally found the equivalent Jaguar to the Londolozi “mother leopard;” that magical animal that is wired slightly differently and relaxed enough to be habituated to a vehicle full of people. Of course the history of Leopard viewing at Londolozi and in fact the entire Sabi Sands was changed by the […]

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Elmon and Dean – The Tracker and the Banker
The Tracker and the Banker

Renowned filmmaker, Philip Bloom, has just completed an incredible mini documentary shot during his recent stay with us at Londolozi Game Reserve. Filmed over two days, the documentary tells the story of the relationship between legendary Londolozi tracker, Elmon Mhlongo, and his partner, Ranger Dean Smithyman. The piece runs just over 15 minutes in length […]

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The young cub follows her mother, the Tailless female
Tsalala Pride bring down a buffalo

Julius and his guests were watching the Maxabeni Female and the Marthly Male mating when they heard the ominous sounds of a buffalo in distress. Carefully picking their way through the thick riverine bush, just north of the Sand River, they eventually worked their way down to the commotion. The Tsalala Pride was in full […]

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The Marthly Male (left) and the Maxabeni Female (right) feed on the warthog carcass
Marthly Male and Maxabeni Female Kill Warthog

It was a stunning sighting of the Marthly Male leopard and the Maxabeni Female leopard mating together just north of the Sand River. A short distance away, a sounder of warthogs made the fatal error of running out of their burrow in a termite mound and straight into the two leopards.  In a flash the […]

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Piva Leopard Cub
Safari at Londolozi

Our friends in Australia, Above and Beyond Holidays, recently sent a father and son to experience the magic of Londolozi.  This is their feedback from the Discover South Africa website: Long time clients of our, Miles and Brian from NSW, were stunned by the unique experience they received from the team and game at Londolozi Game Reserve. […]

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