If Sir Tim Berners-Lee had not invented the World Wide Web in 1989 this world would be a very different place. For the past 28 years (seems like longer, doesn’t it?), we have enjoyed the freedom to search for, create and learn from the immense amount of information that is now housed on the web. Had it not been for Sir Berners-Lee, we wouldn’t be able to connect our entire Londolozi Family, near and far, by way of this daily blog.

So what, exactly, does this have to do with the 9 things that no one will ever tell you about going on safari? Even though there is a seemingly infinite amount of information on the web, there are some things that you just can’t find without access to the inside scoop. If you’ve ever wondered about those hidden secrets that no one will tell you about the safari experience, wonder no more…

1. You’ll get swept away by warm hospitality

If there’s one thing you can count on when arriving at Londolozi it’s the fact that you’ll experience hospitality at it’s warmest. While you may arrive as a guest, you’ll soon be taken into the Londolozi fold, and leave as an entrenched member of the family. As a team, our mission is to sweep you off on a wild African adventure by way of 5 star, yet friendly hospitality.

2. There’s no wifi but you won’t find a better connection

OK, this one isn’t 100% true. Our wifi is actually pretty good, considering we’re out in the heart of the Sabi Sand Game Reserve, and every room has free access to wifi. However, it’s one of our very few ‘strict’ rules that apply here that there’s no access to wifi in any of the common areas or out on safari. It can be a daunting prospect leaving the comfort of connectivity, but we’re positive that you’ll find a deeper connection with yourself, your loved ones and with nature simply by switching from wifi to wilderness when you arrive. Being in nature has the power to allow you time for introspection. It shifts your attention from what everyone else is doing around the world and brings your own thoughts, ideas, creativity, and feelings sharply into focus. There’s no doubt that simply by being on safari you’ll find the connection you’re looking for.

3. You’ll find a home away from home with all the creature comforts

While some travelers might seek the uniformity and regularity of a good hotel room, we believe that it’s the character and charm of the Londolozi camps that keep our guests coming back each time. Each camp has a uniqueness about it that echoes the feeling of a private bush home. While luxury is never spared, you’re left with the comfort and contentment that you might find in your own holiday house. After a long soak in your bathtub with a view of the natural bush right outside, you can wrap yourself in a fresh dressing-gown, throw on a pair of comfy slippers and enjoy a freshly brewed cappuccino (or something a little stronger prepared by one of our expert barmen) while reclining in the privacy of your own personal deck. Indulged a little too much after a delicious meal and don’t feel like heading back to your room? Simply kick off your shoes, put your feet up and nestle into the nearest couch on the deck while you peruse one of the many hand-picked coffee table books at your fingertips. If afternoon naps aren’t for you, feel free to wander along the path that connects all five camps and see what you can see under the cool canopy of trees, or head to the gym for a quick workout.

4. You’ll fall in love with the charm of the acoustic guitar

The heady mix of the orchestra of night sounds, animals calling in the distance and casual chatter around the dinner table will only be made better by the soulful sound of fingers picking and strumming across the strings of an acoustic guitar.

5. You will find that the night sky really does look like diamonds

If you’ve ever caught one of our blog posts that features night photography and the stars, you might have caught yourself asking “is that what the sky really looks like? That can’t be real?!” Well, the insider scoop is that if you look up on a clear night into the inky darkness, the wash of diamond-like constellations will take your breath away, and make you feel both connected to and in awe of the vast universe above you.

6. You won’t believe how close you can get to the animals

Any safari goer will tell you that one of the most exhilarating things you’ll experience will be to see the incredible creatures of Africa in their natural habitat. But, what you don’t know is just how close you’ll actually get to these wild animals. Not only will you see every detail of the rough skin of an elephant, or the intricate rosettes of a leopard, but you’ll feel the air shift as they peacefully move past your vehicle. This deep immersion in nature will leave you breathless.

7. You’ll ignite a passion for photography

There’s no better time than while you’re on holiday to pursue a new passion or to ignite an old one. Photography is built into our DNA at Londolozi, and it’s a space where every aspect of the art form is celebrated. Not only will you have access to professional grade gear to rent, through our Photography Studio, but you’ll have the time to really focus on your craft and soak up all the inspiration that nature’s subjects have to offer.

8. You’ll learn how to track and find the things that really matter 

One of the more memorable parts of any safari is using the signs of nature to track and find animals in the wild. Using the ancient art of tracking, the Londolozi guiding team will take you along with them on the journey as they piece together the story of where the animals have been, their behavior and where they have gone. You’ll find yourself opening up your own awareness to the subtle signs around you… a rustle in the bush, a monkey alarm calling or the distant chuff of a leopard on patrol. While you learn from our experienced trackers, you’ll begin to track parts of your own life too. You’ll find that the things that truly matter will show themselves on safari, and you’ll begin to track your way to a more enlightened life.

9. You can express your own safari style 

While scenes from Out of Africa might flicker through your mind when packing your suitcase and getting ready for your safari, you don’t need to worry about sticking to any kind of dress code once you’re here. You can express your own safari style in whatever way you like at Londolozi. Going out on a game drive is more about the exhilaration of the bush and less about the latest and greatest fashion trends. Similarly, meal times don’t demand you to dress up either…feel free to let each moment guide your fashion choices.

Armed with these 9 insider tips, you’ll be ready for whatever this incredible wilderness has to offer when you touch down at the beginning of your own African safari adventure. In the meantime though, do you have any burning questions about your next safari?

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Amanda Ritchie

Marketing & Photography Manager

Amanda joined the Londolozi team early in 2015 & immediately took the Londolozi Studio to an exciting new level. Her unflappable work ethic & perfectionism are exemplary, & under her guidance the Studio has become one of the busiest areas on Londolozi. The ...

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on 9 Things No One Will Ever Tell You About Going on Safari at Londolozi

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Jurgen Vogt

Awesome post, well done

Ian Hall

What I always feel on safari is a great feeling of spirituality and amazement at the world we live in. That’s the tenth thing. The eleventh is a feeling of loss when I leave.
I really had the last two in abundance at Londolozi.

Marinda Drake

Love your blog Amanda. The moment you arrive you feel so welcome and pampered. The rooms are beautiful. Everyone is so friendly. The game drives are superb. The game viewing the best. What I love most in the evenings is the choir and dancers with the drums. It is truly the best safari experience.

Denise Vouri

Who would not want to spend time at Londolozi based upon your 9 reasons? Well written by a knowledgeable and passionate young woman. I’m looking to pack my bags!!

Mary Beth Wheeler

#10. No one tells you that, because of the first nine, you’ll become ‘addicted’ to Londolozi, excited to repeat your experiences again and again – and you can!

Kathy Delong

I agree Mary! I can’t wait to go back!

Callum Evans

Particularly loved the play on words with the connection, that’s the kind of connection I’m really looking for. It really should be “90 things about Londolozi”!!

Al Kaiser

Absolutely true on all 9 points. Thanks for reminding me why Londolozi is so Special!

Joanne Wadsworth

What an insightful post and incredibly inviting….I need to pack my bags!

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