In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we walked around the Londolozi village and asked what it was that our family are thankful for. Here are some of the responses we got:

FAMILY – It is a constant in a life that is ever-changing. They are the people that shine a light on both the good and the bad in you and love you regardless. In this day and age, family takes many forms and although you may not be connected by blood, family is something that you can define in whatever way you choose.

FRIENDSHIP – We are thankful for friendship because friends are our group of hand-picked teachers who we know, no matter what life’s adventures or lessons, will be at our sides for the ride.

WILDERNESS – It is the wilderness on the planet that allows the wildness in all of us to be recognised. It is the common ancient thread that runs through all humanity. We are thankful for wild spaces that remind us that we all have the same beginning. Today we give thanks that this planet still has vast tracks of wilderness that have been untouched by human hands and untrodden by human feet. The wilderness demonstrates the perfect harmony that an ecosystem can exist in, and demonstrates timelessly how things can thrive without human interference.

LOVE – There’s nothing in the world that is stronger than love. For our fellow man, for the animals that roam this planet and most importantly for ourselves. We are thankful for this amazing force for good.

COMMUNITY – We only really exist purposefully in relation to others. They are witness to our actions and our lives. So often it is our communities that provide us with the support we need and give us a sense of belonging to something bigger than just ourselves.

CLEAN AIR – Because breath is life and often the most simple and taken-for-granted things are all that we need to truly live.

SUNSHINE – Sunshine brings positivity and fosters life. It’s what fuels this planet. As it rises, it brings joy and new possibilities and as it sets, it brings beauty and a time to reflect. As the rain falls here, it is the sunshine that creates the huge potential for growth that we see.

STARLIGHT – We are thankful for starlight because it awakens us to the cosmic mystery through which we are all connected. It forces us to ask questions. The sheer scale of the stars in the night sky is a humbling experience that connects us with a greater whole.


ADVENTURE – We are thankful for adventure; that moment where fear and excitement merge and you leap into the unknown. This is what shapes our perspective, grows our courage and reminds us of the abundant opportunities that exist for those who step over the threshold and into a new realm of being.

KINDNESS – As Jack Kerouac says, “practice kindness all day to everybody and you will realise you are already in heaven now.” We are thankful for kindness because it’s the doorway to open-heartedness and open-heartedness connects us with all other beings. There is a great gift in the showing of kindness, not only in what the other receives but in how it nourishes you too.

COMPASSION – We are thankful for compassion because it takes understanding to new depths and only in really understanding each other can we understand life.

BEAUTY – We are thankful for beauty because it reminds us of an enchanted, magical life. Here we revel in the natural beauty of the wilderness each and every day.

WONDER – We are thankful for wonder because it is a gateway to the mysteries of life. A freedom that broadens our perspective, takes us outside ourselves and awakens us to the majesty of creation.

UBUNTU – We are thankful for this ancient metaphysical philosophy born in Africa but which has become a gift to the world. It is a guiding light that makes you come into the awareness of “I am because of you and you are because of me.”

HUMANITY – In the wise words of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, “all of our humanity is dependent on recognising the humanity in others.” We are thankful for humanity because it is the bedrock of what we all are and what binds us together regardless of our preferences, our religions or our actions.

What is it that you are thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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on 15 Things To Be Thankful For

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Marinda Drake

Amy I love your blogs. There is so much to be thankfull for. To wake up every morning and to be greatfull to be alive and healthy. To be thankfull to have your loved ones next to you. To be thankfull to follow your dreams. Thankfull that life is good.

Callum Evans

An absolutely beautiful post filled with incredible messages and wisdom to live by! I’m especially thankful for all 15 things that you mentioned, in particular family, friends, wilderness, beauty, kindness and wonder. We need to remember to be thankful for all of these things.

Amanda Ritchie

I love all of these amazing reminders to be thankful for the intangibles in life!

Angela Pearson-Bramson

A wonderful blog, Amy. Ed & I are thankful for Londolozi and all it is about, and stands for; all of the gracious people who have made our times there so memorable. In gratitude, thank you.

Amy Attenborough

Thank you Angela! That’s the loveliest message. We hope to see you back here again soon…

William Julien

I am thankful that I was able to visit South Africa and Londolozi with my family this past summer. And now I am able to receive this inspirational blog every day!

Amy Attenborough

Ah beautiful William! Thank you!

Rich Laburn

Lovely post, happy thanksgiving to all our American friends and guests around the world.

Lucie Easley

I’m thankful for this beautiful post, Amy, and all you illustrated. I’m thankful for the power of good, the bounty of beauty in our world, for the people in my life, for people I’ve yet to meet, and for the animals that bring such wonder and awe.

Amy Attenborough

“For people yet to meet.” I love that Lucie! Thank you for contributing your list! All my best, Amy

Russ Considine

Great photos and sentiment Amy ! Thank you and have a very Happy Thanksgiving ! Russ

Denise Vouri

Amy, I’m inspired by your blogs in general but today’s is especially gratifying. In reading through the list of what the staff is thankful for, you’ve touched upon universal themes of gratefulness. What I am grateful for is the ability to communicate on myriad of levels, the appreciation of all things wild, kindness within the hearts of people, and living life one more day to pay it all forward. Thank you Amy!!

Amy Attenborough

Ah thank you Denise. These are gorgeous!

Kim Chiotti

Beautifully written, Amy. A lovely post today with, as always, inspiring photographs from this wondrous part of the world. I am grateful each day to know there are places on this planet that protect the lives and rights of wild animals.
Thank you!

Mary Beth Wheeler

I am thankful to be alive, to have survived cancer and then to have ‘found’ Londolozi! It has helped me change my life perspective so that I can truly be thankful for those 15 things and more…Thank you for the lovely post, Amy.

Amy Attenborough

Some pretty huge things to be thankful for Mary Beth! Sending love

Wendy Hawkins

Thank you Amy, this is so beautiful & all true! I am South African & love the wild open spaces & so thankful for all that I have been Blessed with over the years! Thank you Londo for all your amazing views into our Wild World

Amy Attenborough

Thank you Wendy!!

Michael & Terri Klauber

Amy, The Londolozi family photo is priceless!
Your post touched us all as a small group of All Heart Fund supporters have gathered together today for a Thanksgiving celebration! The special things you describe so beautifully, identify all that we love about our Londolozi visits and Londolozi family. Thank you you for reminding us of all the things that we are thankful for in our lives every day! As we celebrate Thanksgiving in the US, we feel so lucky to give thanks to all of you for the special place you reside in our hearts!

Amy Attenborough

Thank you Michael and Terri!! You hold a special place in our hearts too and we’re thankful for all the guests that have become family. Well done again on the success of Safari Sarasota 2017. Keep an eye out for a blog coming out on it in the next few days.

Vittorianna Manzari

I’m thankfull for the knowledge that my father has been able to convey with his immense culture; for the love that my mother has been able to given me for all his life and that I feel even now that she is not anymore; for the memory of the travel to South Africa where we were together.

Amy Attenborough

Beautiful Vittorianna!

Jeff Rodgers

I am thankful for my incredibly hard-working wife of 25 years, Vivian Taylor. The continuing success of her business allows us to travel to South Africa for an increasingly longer time each year . . . with, of course, time at Londolozi.

Judith Guffey

Where my heart lives!

Ginger Brucker

Beautiful post Amy. Each “gratitude” is powerful and inspiring.

Jazz Doc

Amy, your blogs are just terrific. So uplifting. Thanks!

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