With the number 300 right around the corner for the iconic Week in Pictures post, we felt something had to be done to commemorate it properly.  We wanted it to have some meaning for the rangers who are out there daily, immersing guests in the wonders of the African bush, and so we thought we’d appeal to the competitive nature of the team.

A Cover Photo competition was thought up.

Now, the cover photo is what immediately catches your eye when you visit the Londolozi Blog homepage, and is ultimately what entices you to click on a post. The best or at least most visually appealing photo submission would be selected by a panel of (semi-) impartial judges to grace the head of the 300th TWIP.

Unfortunately, however, we opened up the competition to the entire lodge, and things rapidly got out of hand…

We’ll let the video show you what happened…

And for those who would like a bit more time to peruse some of the photo highlights from the last 100 weeks, here are 50 to whet your appetite.  Why not take a look below and let us know in the comments section which one you would have chosen as the cover photo winner.


A collared sunbird hangs upside down to scope out its next intended flower.

The Sparta pride drinks deep from a pan during a break from feeding on a buffalo kill.

What you DON’T want staring at you if you’re an impala herd; the African Wild Dog.

The rarely seen Tatowa female and one of her current litter.

Londolozi staff enjoying the magic of an evening in the bush.

Crocodiles often move between water sources at night, so a photo of this one moving in the day is a rare thing.

The optimistic Piva male keeps close watch on some unsuspecting wildebeest while he is in turn spied on by a giraffe.

The Mashaba female watches the Mhangeni lionesses nearby.

Amy Attenborough races across the Causeway to get in position to film the Tsalala pride crossing (seen descending the hill in the background).

The toothy grin of one of the world’s most perfectly adapted predators.

A wild dog looks back towards the hyena clan that had just robbed its pack of their impala kill.

A wild dog takes a brief rest amongst its pack.

A whitebellied sunbird enjoys winter’s bounty in the forms of a flowering aloe.

A red lipped herald snake; aggressive but not dangerous.

Some of the Mhangeni cubs get an abrupt lesson in the dangers of stalking a fully-grown hippo.

The Tsalala Pride await the coming of a summer storm.

Giraffe begin browsing as the sun rises over Londolozi.

A flap-necked chameleon.

The Matimba males give a stately walk-by.

A pair of Africa’s most photographed bird; the lilac-breasted roller.

A Majingilane male and Mhangeni cub get rudely pushed off by a white rhino bull.

An impala ram at the height of the rut.

An African Jacana silhouetted in the evening’s glow.

A mating pair of lions listen intently to the roars of another male nearby.

The Mashaba female stretches before heading out to hunt.

The threatening display of a hippo.

A baboon yawns as the day ends.

A giraffe wanders off into the sunset.

Hyenas and lionesses interact over a buffalo that was still being killed, while the herd watches.

The leopard’s tail with its highly visible white tip.

A cheetah struggles to bring down an adult impala ram.

An elephant walks past in the early morning.

The Flat Rock male scrambles up a Jackalberry tree to where the Nhlanguleni female was waiting.

A lovely formation of giraffes.

Two hippo bulls battle for waterhole territory.

A young hyena slinks off from a waterhole where it had been bathing.

The Piva male and Tamboti female in an aggressive mating bout.

Guests enjoy a close-up viewing of a rhino bull as he drinks.

The Msahaba female watches her cub chasing monkeys high in the trees.

The Nanga female leaps over her boisterous cub.

Hyenas finish of the remains of a buffalo carcass that the Matimba males had killed.

One of the Nanga female’s cubs surges over a termite mound while the other remains tentatively behind.

A journey of giraffes splashes across the Sand River.

Incredible symmetry.

A white backed vulture takes flight.

The Nkoveni female leads her two cubs across a clearing.

The Nanga female keeps watch while the full moon rises behind her.

A summer storm breaks over Londolozi.

The Inyathini male, Ndzanzeni female and her cub all vie for space in the boughs of a Jackalberry tree.

The Tsalala pride surge across the Sand River.

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Photographic Guide/Media Team

James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills were well developed, and he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team as a result. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the photographic skills ...

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Join the conversationJoin the conversation

Marinda Drake

Loooove the video! Incredible pics. Love them all.

Lisa Hilger

Loves these photos – each one could have held that cover spot. Stunning!

Ian Hall

Tha Nanga female with the moon coming up…

Dave Mills

Oh, my. Just grand. Are magnetic forces the cause? Londolozi attracts the best of Africa, from its animals to its wildly intelligent and creative staff. Congratulations on number 300 and all the best. (And I agree with the other comments so far: too tough to select just one photo. Besides, who wants to anger the “losers”?)

Phoebe Harrell

How could there be all those gorgeous pictures but not a single beautiful warthog in sight? Missed opportunity. Maybe for TWIP #400…. Loved seeing our Melvin in the video though!!

Ian Hall

One thing I really appreciated as a guest and keen photographer was the culture of photography at Londolozi which is clearly encouraged by the Varty family.
The Land Rovers are set up so you can get decent photos without overcrowding. The rangers appreciate what you are looking for and try to get the best pictures whilst still showing empathy with the animals being photographed. This is one factor of what makes Londolozi very special. (I have stopped elsewhere in Sabi Sands and the places were not a patch on Londolozi). Even if Alam Alam does share a significant border with you.

James Tyrrell

Haha Thanks for the comments Ian!
We’re pretty spoiled with what we get to see here!

Michael & Terri Klauber

Wow! #300 is awesome! No way to pick a favorite, but happy to see our favorite Mashaba female in the mix! Congratulations to all – it’s an incredible compilation and the video is over the top! Thanks for the daily dose of Londolozi to help keep our hearts there!!!!

James Tyrrell

Thanks for the comments Michael! You’ll be glad to hear the Mashaba female is doing well and has a new litter!

Gillian Lacey

What a great 300th TWIP. All fantastic pictures but my favorite is the one of the giraffes galloping across the Sand River. There is such energy in the picture I can almost hear the splashing of the water – wonderful.
Already looking forward to TWIP #400!

James Tyrrell

Thanks for the comments Gillian!
It’s certainly amazing to see such normally docile animals moving with such energy like that.

Leonie De Young

What a tough call to make. All excellent shots. I loved them all, but especially liked the head shot of the beautiful wild dog. The videos are great and I enjoyed watching them. Thank you one and all for sharing these with us.

James Tyrrell

Hi Leonie,
an absolute pleasure!

Michael Kalm

For number two, the The Inyathini male, Ndzanzeni female and her cub all vie for space in the boughs of a Jackalberry tree.. But my favorite is the Tsalala pride crossing the river – just a family taking an evening stroll!

Gillian Evans

Absolutely fabulous – one and all! A truly inspirational selection – amazing talent!

James Tyrrell

Thanks Gillian! Some of the guys and girls here are really taking spectacular photos!


Love all the pics- amazing but in particular : the formation of giraffe and and the Nanga female with the moon behind.

James Tyrrell

Thanks AV. The giraffe picture was taken by Pete Thorpe if my memory serves me correctly, and the Nanga photo with the moon was by David Dampier (our ex-ranger turned head of finance!)

Pete Thorpe

I can’t take credit for the giraffe picture unfortunately! It was Alex Jordan’s

Jody Konopinski

Beautiful pictures! All are winners!

James Tyrrell

Thanks Jody!

Mauricia Neeley

while I love every photo, I think the cover photo chosen is perfect. The leopardess represents Londolozi and in this
She is established, strong and independent & the cub is new life, with many opportunities ahead for a bright future.
Look forward everyday seeing the many beautiful photos in your daily blogs. Great job & look forward to the next 300 weeks in pictures 🙂

James Tyrrell

Thanks for the comments Mauricia!

Scott Sebastian

Fabulous 300.Any of the pics could have been the cover shot.My favorites would be
the african wild dogs staring,the matimba males walk by and the nanga female leaping over cub.
Well done on the Week in Pictures #300

James Tyrrell

Thanks for the comments Scott.
The Wild Dogs one (close-up?) is also one of my favourites!

Judith Guffey

You make my head hurt. No possible way to choose ‘the best.’ You make my heart ache because I must wait just under 3 months to return to Londolozi,

James Tyrrell

Hi Judy!

So much to look forward to when you return!

D. Phillips

Another beautiful presentation. Thank you so much. Would it be possible for me to use some of your photos for a personal only at home calendar for next year? I understand if you would rather not allow. You all are an inspiration to me.

James Tyrrell

Thanks for the comments!

I’m sure we could arrange something. Which ones in particular did you like?

If you email me at blog@londolozi.co.za we can set something up.

Best regards,


Vivien Jones

Beautiful photos…….and 3 leopards on a tree, what a fantastic sight. Londolozi has given me lifelong memories and cannot wait to come back.

James Tyrrell

Hi Vivien,
Thanks for the comments.
When will you be returning? The leopards are waiting…

Jill Larone

Incredible video, I loved it! These are all stunning pictures and really show the beauty of Londolozi, and what a team of very talented photographers you all are there!

Mary Beth Wheeler

Wow! Insanely beautiful images! Kudos to ALL the talented photographers for these inspiring shots. The winner certainly deserved to be the winner, tho, for all she represents about Londolozi and the future! I’m sure glad I didn’t have to be a judge!

Jeff Rodgers

Spectacular, funny, poignant, emotional, well-done, Londolozi.

Wendy Hawkins

Wow that is a tough choice! But I am going to go for the more rare species, Rhino, Pangolin & Vulture 🙂 Beautiful pictures & good luck with the final choice & may the best photographer win 🙂

Mike Ryan

Saw the David Yarrow exhibition at Maddox gallery today in London very moody black and white animal photos. However very photoshopped and unreal. You guys smash it real photos showing real stories and portraying the bush as it actually is well done

James Tyrrell

Thanks for the comments Mike, very generous of you to say so!

Irene Nathanson

I just wanted the video to keep going. I loved them all. I think I would have had to narrow it down to the one of the leopard and the moon or the leopard carrying her cub in her mouth. All were cover worthy! Congratulations to all and the clever creation of competition.

Susan Strauss

Many worthy contenders. I narrowed mine down to four: Giraffe crossing Sand River, Amy and Tsalala pride crossing causeway, Tsalala pride awaiting summer storm, and Nkoveni and her two cubs crossing clearing. And of course any picture of Mashaba. <3 video too!

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