A big congratulations to Ingjerd for winning my last competition, with her beautiful picture of the Nkoveni female’s cubs pictured above.

The last competition was such a hit that I thought it would be fitting to do another. Over the last couple of weeks I have had the privilege of seeing yet more amazing photographs. So lets jump to it…

This image of the Ndzanzeni female is accentuated by the ripple effect as she drinks from the hidden rock pool, which immediately drew my eye. Photographed by Vin Beni.

This image captures the movement of the wild dog pack with Londolozi CFO David Dampier and Head of Business, Chris Kane-Berman, in hot pursuit. Photographed by Tim Mitchell.

Innocence. The purity in the young Nkoveni female cub’s eyes, as it gazes up at its mother makes this a particularly magical photo for me. Photographed by Todd Stallings-Schmitt.

Light and shadows perfectly contrasting and emphasizing the incredible colours of the Flat Rock Male in the early winter morning glow. Photographed by Alex Stallings-Schmitt.

This image is set apart by the golden light that perfectly frames and provides movement to the magical return of the Magingilane Males. Photographed by Terry Peigh.

By converting to black and white, the beautiful textures of the leadwood are emphasised, helping to portray the evident sense of adventure of Nkoveni female’s cub. Photographed by Alex Stallings-Schmitt.

The Majesty of the Silent Giant is made all the more incredible against the white background and only improved by the touch of colour provided by the leaves between the trunk, which immediately drew my eye. Photographed by Terry Peigh.

If you want to win and have your photograph as the Featured Image of the next Guest Highlights post, come and visit me in the Londolozi Studio…


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Being someone who loves the bush, people and photography Kylie has found her way to her dream job in the Londolozi Studio. Despite completing her Humanities Degree, she felt unsatisfied and found herself drawn to doing a wildlife photography course. Being both creative ...

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on Guest Photography Highlights: Part 2

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Mary Beth Wheeler

The image of the totally relaxed Nkoveni female being intently watched by her cub is special! There is inherent emotion in the shot that makes it compelling to me…

Jill Larone

Wow, these are all spectacular pictures, but my favourite is the Nkoveni female and her cub in the tree — the cub’s adoring look says it all about the bond between cub and mom…so special.


Beautiful photos thanks for sharing.

Judy Guffey

Innocence. The winner in my opinion.

Leslie Backus

Although all great shots, my favorite is also the leopard cub and mother. Love the guest photographer’s posts.

Kylie Jones

I am so glad you enjoy the guest’s photos Leslie. The innocent stare of the little cub is really what makes me love this photo!

Vin Beni

Thanks Kylie for your capable assistance and genuine interest during our 5 day visit!

Kylie Jones

It is such a pleasure Vin, I loved helping you post-process your amazing images!


Absolutely beautiful pics of the animals, but if I had to choose one, it would be the ellie. Nice shot. They were all good and very hard to choose a favourite. Thanks Kylie for sharing.

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